Why Radio ?

Over 80% of people in France listen to RADIO each day.

Radio is top of the list when it comes to media you can trust.

Why Riviera Radio ?

An audience of over 300,000, highly desirable people/customers. 

Riviera Radio is not just RADIO, it is digital too, with large online and social media audience. 

In-house team that can do all you need to get marketing going in a short time!

Listened to at home, in the car, on yachts, in work places, locally based for more than 30 years.

Available on mobile phones, computers, tablets, smart speakers and most devices.

We are local and we are making a big effort to boost local business!

Do you want to strengthen your presence on social media?

  • Riviera Radio has created a communication campaign focusing on our social media: Facebook and Instagram.
  • In addition to this, we are including visibility on our Daily News and on the home page of our website, as well as ‘on air’ messages to launch the campaign. 
  • The power of radio as an online driving force can be underestimated, but listeners are 52% more likely to include a brand’s name in their internet browsing when they are exposed to radio advertising, and the effect is immediate (Radiocentre UK).
  • Do you have a commercial activity, for which you would like to highlight the online purchase, delivery, and click and collect options you currently have available?
  • Then this campaign is made for you, with a monthly budget of less than €1000.

For more information, get in touch : sales@rivieraradio.mc or +33 6 80 86 91 84

Brexit Opportunity

  • Riviera Radio would like to help any businesses facing challenges/opportunities following Brexit on December 31st. 
  • If you are a UK business that wants to keep a strong presence in Monaco and France or if you are local and want to reassure or fill a gap for international people in the area, we can help.

For more information, get in touch : sales@rivieraradio.mc or +33 6 80 86 91 84