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Business News, 11th - 15th March

International Women’s Day 2024: A philanthropy view

Celebrating International Women's Day 2024, Barclays Private Bank's article shines a light on how philanthropy is empowering women. Through insights from leaders of charitable organizations, it delves into funding challenges in the women and girls' sector and showcases how philanthropy can make a significant difference despite financial constraints. From education to fighting violence and advocating for reproductive rights, the piece reveals the transformative impact of investing in women-led organizations. It's a compelling read that underscores the critical role of philanthropic support in fostering sustainable change. For an inspiring glimpse into the power of philanthropy in women's lives, you can read the full article :


The end of the non-dom tax status: What next?

In a transformative move, the UK's 2024 Spring Budget announces the end of the non-dom tax status, shifting to a residency-based system. This decision, surprising to many, is set to reshape the tax landscape for international wealth holders in the UK. Barclays Private Bank's article gathers expert insights on the implications of this change, offering a deep dive into how it affects taxation, inheritance, and investment strategies for foreign nationals. A must-read for those navigating the complexities of the UK's evolving tax regime. Discover more about the future of wealth management in the UK by reading the full article :


Business News, 4th - 8th March

UK Budget: When voters and taxes collide

Explore how the UK government navigates the challenge of reducing tax burdens without fuelling inflation or straining public finances amidst a recessionary economy. From National Insurance cuts to changes in real estate and business taxation, along with adjustments to smoking and flight taxes, every policy is examined for its impact on wealth holders. With insights into non-residency systems and the introduction of the British ISA, this spring budget heralds significant shifts. For a detailed analysis of budget decisions and their potential effects, read the full article :  


Market Perspectives March 2024

Dive into the March 2024 edition of "Market Perspectives" from Barclays Private Bank, where recent US economic data challenges expectations, potentially delaying central bank rate cuts and impacting financial markets. This analysis explores which equity market sectors could thrive, the future of corporate debt amidst tightening investment grade bond spreads, and the rising importance of sustainability investments in combating climate change and biodiversity loss. With a unique blend of market insights and forward-looking strategies, this report is a must-read for those looking to understand and navigate the complexities of today's investment landscape. For a comprehensive overview :  


Entrepreneur interview: Castore

In this inspiring interview with Tom Beahon, co-founder of the premium British sportswear brand Castore, you'll dive into the compelling journey from near-professional sports to building a nearly £1 billion valued company. Discover the drive, challenges, and innovative strategies behind their success, including targeting under-served markets and leveraging digital platforms. Beahon's story is a testament to the power of passion, perseverance, and the belief that "better never stops." Read the full conversation for an in-depth look at entrepreneurship in action :