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UBS in Monaco

In Monaco, we have been at your side for over 60 years, offering our country the experience and skills acquired by UBS Wealth Management worldwide.

With over 200 employees, we are one of the leading Wealth Managers in Monaco.

We focus on delivering comprehensive financial services to High-Net-Worth Individuals, Families and Corporates around the world. We provide clients in over 40 countries, including Switzerland, with custom-made financial advice, investment solutions and first-class tools to fit their individual needs.

We also supply services to Financial Intermediaries also, with one of the best and structured platforms in Monaco and a direct access to world industry-leading investment opportunities.

In Monaco, our lending solutions are

  • UBS Lombard Loan
  • Mortgage and property financing
  • VEFA (Forward sale – off plan buying)
  • Corporate Aircraft Financing

Benefit from all the UBS capabilities through UBS Monaco. An ongoing history of growth.

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