Mairie de Villeneuve-Loubet | Riviera Radio

Villeneuve Loubet, a commune of 15,000 inhabitants halfway between Nice and Antibes, lies ideally between land and sea. Nicknamed the "Natural Heart of the Côte d'Azur", the town has a territory of 1,960 hectares, 70% of which is undevelopable, including two departmental parks and 3.9 km of beaches.

Combining two distinct atmospheres from the medieval village to the seaside, the town has managed to find a real harmony between land and sea: On the beach side, the famous Marina Baie des Anges and its unique architecture, the shopping area of the Pôle Marina 7, the pedestrian and protected Baie des Anges promenade. On the inland side, the medieval village has managed to preserve a real daily life around local shops, workers, families and many animations. The village is also one of the cradles of modern gastronomy, with the birthplace of Auguste Escoffier, "cook of kings and king of cooks".