Mercedes BYmyCAR | Riviera Radio

With nearly 80,000 vehicles sold each year, BYmyCAR is one of the leading French automobile distribution groups. True to its desire to provide the greatest choice to the greatest number, the group's 83 car dealerships cover a large territory to be as close as possible to motorists. Access the best of the automobile! With 18 brands distributed, more than 8,000 guaranteed new and used vehicles available and access to 100% of the models of each brand distributed, you are sure to find the vehicle that suits your needs and your budget. In addition, to facilitate your access to your next car, you have the possibility of buying your vehicle on and having it delivered to your home, in complete safety. The assurance of making the right choice! BYmyCAR is a network of official and expert dealerships for each of the brands distributed. Our technicians are approved by each car manufacturer and guarantee the maintenance of your vehicle according to the standards and specificities adapted to your car. This is how every day, more than 1,700 motorists entrust us with the maintenance of their car.

Find out more about the Live Day at the Mercedes BYmyCAR pop-up store at Cap3000 shopping centre and hear from some of the people we spoke to!