Wellbeing Window with Gavin Sharpe

The Full English Breakfast show presenters Rob Harrison and Sarah Lycett share the therapy couch with U.K. psychotherapist Gavin Sharpe for an hour long show on the first Wednesday of every month, known as the “Wellbeing Window” and discuss issues related to mental health and emotional wellbeing. 

6th July - Are you a love addict? Do you confuse sex with love? Do your relationships lack intimacy or quickly become obsessive? Do you fall in love too easily and too often? Do you keep falling for the wrong people? Perhaps you become co-dependent in your love relationships which materially affect your self-worth? Is love addiction really a thing or is it psychobabble?

1st June - Relationship Betrayal - What happens when you are hurt by the person you love and trust the most?

Relationship and sexual betrayal is overwhelming. For the betrayed partner, it can be traumatic to discover that the person they love the most has inflicted so much pain. Their world is turned upside down. For the partner who has cheated, sometimes they feel relief that they no longer have to live a double life. Sometimes not.

There is hope. Couples can heal. But how? How can couples navigate what seems like an impossible path from the depths of despair to a place of connection and restored love?

4th May - Addiction In The Family - Is addiction a choice? Is addiction a lack of willpower? Is it curable? How does addiction affect families?

Alcohol and drug addiction tears families apart. Loved ones are often torn between wanting to save their family member and walk out the door. What should a concerned family member do? Addicts repeatedly turn to mind altering substances despite the harmful consequences. Drugs slowly change the brain’s chemistry and addicts begin to neglect important aspect of their lives such as their families, work and other commitments.

6th April - Relationship dynamics are complicated. Why do some people come across as needy in relationships and others aloof? Why do we often attract the same type of romantic partner and repeat the same mistakes?

Most of us seem good at falling in love. Staying in love is a different story. Why do relationships often cause distress? Why do we sometimes lose the emotional connection? Learn about attachment theory and how we can understand better emotional intimacy and relationship dynamics.

2nd March - The Recipe For A Happy Relationship. Do happy couples argue? Yes! But happy couples learn how to argue in a healthy way. The better the quality of argument, the greater the intimacy.

2nd February - Do you live with or work with a narcissist? Does someone in your inner circle act like a narcissist? How does one work with a boss who exaggerates their accomplishments and importance? Is there an overlap between a narcissist and a sociopath? Not all narcissists look the same or act the same which makes it difficult to spot. Being the victim of narcissistic abuse can have long lasting effects on one’s mental health.

12th January - Healthy relationships require healthy boundaries. But our boundaries are often violated. We can find ourselves in abusive, controlling and manipulative relationships. Unhealthy boundaries cause emotional pain that can lead to dependency, depression, and anxiety. Setting personal boundaries is one of the most essential tools for healthy living. When we set and enforce limits, we enhance our self-esteem and enjoy healthy relationships.

How healthy are your relationships? Do people often cross your lines? How can you establish healthy boundaries?

1st December - Are you ready for 2022? As we prepare to say goodbye to 2021, U.K. psychotherapist and wellbeing expert Gavin Sharpe will discuss what lessons we can take from such a turbulent year. How can we put our best foot forward for 2022? What emotional toolkit do we need to flourish in these difficult times?

3rd November - Are you a perfectionist? Do you strive for excellence or for the impossible? Being a high achiever is healthy. Being a perfectionist is not. Perfectionism increases the risk of mental health issues such depression, anxiety and addiction. Did you know that shame and perfectionism are related? We often strive to be perfect to avoid feeling shame. How do perfectionism and shame show up in your life? Are you in a relationship with a perfectionist? Does someone you work with set unrealistic goals? Is your self-worth performance related? Do you procrastinate?

6th October - Grief is our response to loss. We lose relationships, good health, financial security and people. Grief is not always about death. It is simply a healthy response to loss. Grief is the pain we experience when we lose something or someone we love. It is essential that we process our grief in order to make sense of our suffering and find a path forward. Some endings are forced upon us. Others are a result of our choice. Both require us to grieve.

8th September - What are the ingredients for a healthy relationship? Why is the divorce rate so high around the seven year mark? Does having more sex improve our wellbeing?  Is casual sex healthy? How much sex is normal?

7th July - Are You A People Pleaser? Do you struggle to say “no?” Are you tired of putting other people’s needs first?

2nd June - Are we born addicts? Is it a choice? Can we be addicted to certain behaviours like shopping? What about work addiction? Computer game addiction? Should those process addictions be treated in the same way?

5th May - How was your childhood? Good, bad or indifferent? Did you know that our childhood impacts the way our brains develop?  How we remember our childhood often correlates to what happened in our childhood.

7th April - Has someone you love cheated? Has infidelity impacted your life? Listen to U.K. psychotherapist Gavin Sharpe and Sarah discuss affairs of the heart.

3rd March - Are you your own worst critic? Do you tell yourself that you are not good enough? Listen to U.K. psychotherapist Gavin Sharpe tell us how we can gain more control over our lives and learn how to overcome your inner critic.