Wellbeing Window with Gavin Sharpe

The Full English Breakfast show presenter Sarah Lycett shares the therapy couch with U.K. psychotherapist Gavin Sharpe for an hour long show on the first Wednesday of every month, known as the “Wellbeing Window” and discuss issues related to mental health and emotional wellbeing. 

2nd November - Stressed? Burned out? Suffering from chronic fatigue? November 2nd is National Stress Awareness Day. It was created as a time to be aware of the stress in today's world, appreciate its impact, and strive to mitigate the damage it can do. How haw Covid-19 impacted our stress levels? Why are so many of us quitting our jobs? Are we all burned out? How can we recognise the signs of burnout and what can we do to prevent and alleviate chronic stress and/or burnout?

5th October - What is emotional wellbeing? How many emotions does a human being have? Are there good emotions and bad emotions? Where do our emotions come from? Can we boost our emotional immunity?

7th September - What makes a good life? Love? Money? Hot sex? Healthy living? Tune in to the Wellbeing Window at 09:00 on Wednesday 7th September. U.K. psychotherapist Gavin Sharpe will be discussing this and our upcoming Good Life Extravaganza in collaboration with Riviera Radio on Saturday 15th October at the Monte Carlo Bay hotel.

The global pandemic was a game changer. All of us now appreciate the importance of our mental health. In 2020, many of us woke up to the fact that we were not living authentic lives. Don’t we all deserve to achieve the highest version of ourselves? How can we achieve that?

6th July - Are you a love addict? Do you confuse sex with love? Do your relationships lack intimacy or quickly become obsessive? Do you fall in love too easily and too often? Do you keep falling for the wrong people? Perhaps you become co-dependent in your love relationships which materially affect your self-worth? Is love addiction really a thing or is it psychobabble?

1st June - Relationship Betrayal - What happens when you are hurt by the person you love and trust the most?

Relationship and sexual betrayal is overwhelming. For the betrayed partner, it can be traumatic to discover that the person they love the most has inflicted so much pain. Their world is turned upside down. For the partner who has cheated, sometimes they feel relief that they no longer have to live a double life. Sometimes not.

There is hope. Couples can heal. But how? How can couples navigate what seems like an impossible path from the depths of despair to a place of connection and restored love?

4th May - Addiction In The Family - Is addiction a choice? Is addiction a lack of willpower? Is it curable? How does addiction affect families?

Alcohol and drug addiction tears families apart. Loved ones are often torn between wanting to save their family member and walk out the door. What should a concerned family member do? Addicts repeatedly turn to mind altering substances despite the harmful consequences. Drugs slowly change the brain’s chemistry and addicts begin to neglect important aspect of their lives such as their families, work and other commitments.