Wellbeing Window with Gavin Sharpe

The Full English Breakfast show presenter Sarah Lycett shares the therapy couch with U.K. psychotherapist Gavin Sharpe for an hour long show on the first Wednesday of every month, known as the “Wellbeing Window” and discuss issues related to mental health and emotional wellbeing. 

1st March - What Is Trauma?
Tune in for this seminal Wellbeing Window show on the massive topic of trauma. This is one of the most misunderstood phenomena of our time. For example, was the pandemic stressful or traumatic? Is being stuck in traffic traumatic? What about racial trauma? Can a nation be traumatised? What about intergenerational trauma? Is missing the Full English Breakfast Show stressful or traumatic? The idea of trauma seems to be on the tips of our tongues these days but do we use the term correctly? All will be revealed.

1st February 2023 - The Wellbeing Window is back! Get ready for Valentine’s Day and find out the secrets to a happy relationship. Is it communication? Is it sex? Is there an art to successful relationships or is it all luck and in the hands of the gods?!

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