Wellbeing Window with Gavin Sharpe

The Full English Breakfast show presenter Sarah Lycett shares the therapy couch with U.K. psychotherapist Gavin Sharpe for an hour long show on the first Wednesday of every month, known as the “Wellbeing Window” and discuss issues related to mental health and emotional wellbeing. 

10th July - What is Emotional Intelligence?

What is emotional intelligence? Are women more emotionally intelligent than men? Can emotional intelligence be learned or is it innate? What are the signs that your spouse might lack emotional intelligence?! And why does it seem that today’s leaders seem to have so little emotional intelligence?

5th June - Fear of Success?

We’ve all heard about the fear of failure. Is it possible to be afraid of success? According to therapist and business coach Gavin Sharpe, the fear of success is real. It affects us all – from top athletes to business people and everyone in between. Sometimes we hold ourselves back from achieving our true potential and living a fulfilling life because we fear the consequences of success. So how can be become aware of our fears and ensure we get to live a full and meaningful life?

3rd April - Are You Happy At Work?

Do we live to work or work to live? We spend more of our lives engaged at work than any other single activity and yet we seem unhappy. 50% of the global workforce is quiet quitting and 18 percent are loud quitting. So what is going on? When did we all become so focused on being happy at work rather than going to work to earn a good wage? What does happiness at work look like? Why is changing jobs so stressful? And, if we are not happy at work, what can we do about it?

6th March - Can you ever have too much of a good thing?

Is sex addiction a myth made-up by a bunch of people who refuse to take responsibility for their behaviours? Is it just a guy thing? Is there a difference between being addicted to sex and being addicted to a substance or alcohol? If an alcoholic is required to give up drinking, what does a sex addict give-up? How does porn fit in with this topic?

7th February - Gaslighting is a form of psychological abuse where one person is emotionally manipulated, often with devastating consequences. People affected lose trust in themselves while at the same time becoming dependent on the abusive person.

06th December - Understanding and Managing Anger

Is anger unhealthy or healthy? If it’s healthy, how can we express our anger in an acceptable way? Why do some of us get angry for no reason? Is road rage connected to anger or a reflection of bad drivers?! Are we all much angrier these days or does it just seem that way?

04th October - Leadership, wellbeing at work

A third of us feel stressed-out as a result of work. One in four employees report experiencing toxic behaviour at work. It is one of the most common reasons people quit their jobs.

What kind of leaders do we need today to keep the workplace healthy and companies thriving?  Who is responsible for wellbeing at work? Maybe we should we all just show a bit more grit and be grateful to have a pay-check?  

5th July - Anxious? Don’t Worry, Be Happy.

Everyone feels worried sometimes. It’s normal to worry about work, finances, family, or health. But what happens when feelings of fear or worry don’t go away? When does worrying become chronic anxiety? Is there a cure for anxiety? Can anxiety ever be good?

7th June - Think Happy. Be Happy.

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens… According to Julie Andrews, if we remember our favourite things, we won’t feel so bad. But does it work?

Do happy thoughts actually make us feel happy or is that a myth? Can positive thinking really improve our mood and lower stress? Can we think ourselves into happiness? Can we treat depression or anxiety with positive thinking?

3rd May - Couples Therapy? Are You Kidding?

Every marriage has its fair share of problems. There is no perfect relationship. Most couples argue. Sex comes and goes. Disagreements over money arise. C’est la vie! So when should couples sort it out amongst themselves with an old fashioned barney and when should they consider couples counselling? What are the relationship red flags? When is it time for help?

5th April - Is Therapy For Wimps?
Have we all gone a bit too woke? Whatever happened to “pushing on through?” What about just getting on with it? What did our ancestors do when times were tough? Surely they didn’t endlessly navel-gaze? How would we know if we truly needed therapy rather than just living with everyday stresses and anxiety which life brings? How would we know if counselling or therapy is for us? What’s the difference? What about coaching? Sometimes the idea of seeking help can seem overwhelming and we don’t know where to start.

1st March - What Is Trauma?
Tune in for this seminal Wellbeing Window show on the massive topic of trauma. This is one of the most misunderstood phenomena of our time. For example, was the pandemic stressful or traumatic? Is being stuck in traffic traumatic? What about racial trauma? Can a nation be traumatised? What about intergenerational trauma? Is missing the Full English Breakfast Show stressful or traumatic? The idea of trauma seems to be on the tips of our tongues these days but do we use the term correctly? All will be revealed.

1st February 2023 - The Wellbeing Window is back! Get ready for Valentine’s Day and find out the secrets to a happy relationship. Is it communication? Is it sex? Is there an art to successful relationships or is it all luck and in the hands of the gods?!

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