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Yacht Carbon Offset has been helping the superyacht community to reduce its net environmental impact since 2008. We work with owners, captains, yacht charter and yacht management companies, marinas and shipyards, as well as multiple service companies and events. We can also address the corporate carbon footprint of our clients.

Our carbon offset service offers an immediate and effective way to counterbalance the global impact of your activity’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by contributing to the development of renewable energy and marine projects in developing countries. It is a tool to counterbalance unavoidable greenhouse gas emissions and should be used in conjunction with other positive actions, such as lowering fuel consumption, reducing travel, and improving efficiency.

Rachel Goult, managing director at Yacht Carbon Offset, tells us more about the carbon reduction projects that the company supports.

Rachel Goult, from Yacht Carbon Offset, tells us more about the business, the kinds of services they provide, how they work with clients and more!

Rachel Goult, managing director of Yacht Carbon Offset, tells us about important developments in their industry and who uses their services.