The Blevins Franks Report

Blevins Franks Report

Blevins Franks has been providing specialist, professional financial advice to British expatriates for over 40 years, and has earned a reputation as the leading international tax and wealth management advisers to UK nationals living in Europe. They have 22 offices around Europe, including eight in France, which provide tax, investment, pensions and estate planning services to private clients. They also have an office in Monaco.  

We are delighted that Blevins Franks picked Riviera Radio as their main marketing tool in the Riviera area, with Bill Blevins dishing out great advice for over 20 years. Since 2015 Bill has been joined by Rob Kay, the Blevins Franks Senior Partner for France, who has been advising British expatriates in South East France and Monaco since 1998. Their Sunday reports are complimented by regular ads to remind people how Blevins Franks can help them.  

You can hear Bill Blevins and Rob Kay on Sundays at 9:30 am and again at 7:30pm. Check out their website,

27th November - Today, Rob Kay discusses the topic "The UK Autumn Budget".