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For decades we have been welcoming you to our institutions where respect, simplicity and authenticity are the key words.
This year again our teams will be there to help you create wonderful memories during your stay.

Built in 1938, during World War Two and until 1985, the basement of the hotel housed a nightclub.
The Edmond's Hotel located in the heart of Cap d'Ail was an annex of the "Hotel de Paris" in Monaco, taken over in 1970 by the Botticini family, professionals in the hotel business since 1952.

Discover our new chef Frédéric Jean-George: "I cook traditional and local cuisine with my personal touch. All our dishes and pastries are home-made. I create a menu for each new season with the products of the market."

To conclude, taste our delicious seafood from the differents breeders of the French Riviera. Oysters, crab, mussels, shrimps, caviar...

Location : 87 avenue du Trois Septembre, 06320, Cap d'Ail
BOOKING : +33 4 93 78 01 01

Stéphane Rossignol from Edmond's Brasserie tells us more about the restaurant and the Cap Resort group.