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Le Village des Fous, the completely nuts amusement park for the whole family!

In this strange village, you are invited to shake the silliness sleeping inside you! Here, absurd is king and oddities are an art of living. Elaborated by mad scientists, this utopia is a merry chaos.

Playful and physical games

We start by warming up the muscles with a labyrinth full of obstacles to cross: it is the Cinq Glés district. Climbing wall, climbing netting, straw labyrinth... you make energy flow all over your body! After the physical warm up, the Dumbfounded make your brain work out in the Experiencez District. Aware that we learn by handling, these crackpots provide you dozens of playful and fun stage plays of many life-size scientific theories. Knowledge is reading through the alleys. It's your move!

Body work, emotion and thought

Rejoice continues for 2 hectares uniting more than 30 games of physical & emotional sensations:

Slide joy in luges hung up in the trees:
Adrenaline with the 5 meters (15 ft) high jump;
Orientation in the vegetal labyrinth;
Deduction and thought in the nonsensical escape game;
Water games freshness (spring and summer);
And tons of other activities each crazier from one to another : Splash-Plage, flying bathtub, etc.

Games of the Village des Fous

Schedule and prices of Le Village des Fous 

Practical information

Plan to bring change of clothes, water games in summer season.
Free parking with spots for people with reduced mobility.
Equipment : picnic tables, catering, toilets, drinking water spots.