Riviera Radio Weekend News Saturday 18th April 2020


Human Rights League attacks new decree in Nice for certain districts - The League for Human Rights (LDH) has announced today that it is attacking the decree adopted on the April 15th by the mayor of Nice, Christian Estrosi.

New measures in nine districts of Nice have seen the curfew set at 8 pm while is remains at 10pm for other communes of more than 10.000 inhabitants.

The districts concerned are: Trachel, Jean-Vigo, Notre-Dame, Saint-Charles, Bon-Voyage, Maurice-Maccario, Pasteur, Las Planas, Les Moulins (place des Amaryllis). The reason for the time being moved forward by Christian Estrosi was due to, as he said "irresponsible behaviour" and "intolerable unconsciousness". According to the League for Human Rights, the new law is "discriminatory". 

Roya - Mayors in the Roya region, on the Italian border, have denounced an "arbitrary decision" after Italian authorities are systematically turning back French nationals due to "unacceptable behavior of some".

One manager of a grocery store in Tende has told reporters how "disgusted" he is, as it make it almost impossible for him to transit through Italy - the shortest route  in order to restock.

Customs official fires shots due to noise - A customs official in Corsica reportedly fired gun shots into the air in order to stop the "appaulse" in support of those on the frontline.

Since the begining of the coronavirus outbreak many neighbourhoods have taken part in appaulding those working during the coronavirus outbreak. The agent - who possessed legally, but not in the exercise of his functions - two weapons, "fired in the air at the time of the applause to the carers". 

He admits to having fired the shots after having "gone crazy", as his child could not sleep due to the noise. Following a police investigation the agent will appear in court. 

Masks - It's been reported that from Monday 20th residents in Nice can register online at www.masques.nice.fr or by phone to obtain a mask. Masks will be available from 28th April until 9th May. There will be distribution points in several areas. 

Coronavirus - For the third consecutive day on Friday, the number of people hospitalized for Covid-19 declined slightly in France. Described by the Director General of Health Jerome Salomon as a  "slow but steady decline".

A month after the start of confinement in France, the Covid-19 pandemic claimed the lives of 18,681 people, including 7,203 in nursing homes.

The number of people admitted to hospital fell again to 31,190, against 31,305 according to Thursday's data. It is 115 less than the day before.

In intensive care the number of patients on Friday was reported to be  6,027 this is 221 fewer than the day before. This is the 9th drop in 9 days. In addition, 34,420 people who were hospitalized returned home.


Air France - Air France has announced that it plans a general increase in its flight schedule, which could reach 30% by July. As of May 11th, there will be more domestic flights for certain destinations which have been halted since containment and will reopen again in France.

Air France is working on a scenario of a gradual resumption of its activities. As of Monday, May 11th, the company will first increase the number of rotations between Paris and the three airports in France which it continues to serve despite the confinement: Nice, Toulouse and Marseille,

From July the company intends its flight programme, which is currently limited to less than 5% of its capacity, to increase to 30%.

At present Air France provides a minimal service in Europe with fifteen European destinations at a rate of a few flights per week.

Outside the borders of the EU, a small part of its long-haul fleet continues to connect Paris to a few large cities (New York, Los Angeles, Montreal, Mexico, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo and Tokyo) as well as to three cities in its African network (Dakar, Cotonou and Abidjan). Flights which continue to repatriate the French.

Air France has also maintained a programme of territorial continuity between the mainland and overseas territories (Cayenne, Fort-de-France, Pointe-à-Pitre and Saint-Denis de La Réunion). While the occupancy rates are very low, the transport of goods remains at high levels.

Due to the closure of Orly airport at the end of March, all of its flights to or from Paris are now operated from or to Roissy-Charles de Gaulle. 

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