Professor Raoult withdraws from government’s scientific council

Professor Raoult withdraws from government’s scientific council -Professor Raoult, whose recommendations for a chloroquine treatment of Covid-19 patients are considered controversial, has announced his withdrawal from the scientific council of the French government  explaining that he will continue to ensure a privileged « direct » link, notably with the French President Emmanuel Macron.

Didier Raoult claims to keep in touch with the Ministry of Health and the President of the Republic "directly", "to tell them what he thinks", "because the council does not correspond to what he thinks is a duty of strategic advice. "


According to the professor and those that support him, a mixed therapy has worked 100% up until now to treat the coronavirus, be it on a small number of cases and as one doctor has declared on French media this morning that « it may be used at the beginning of a diagnosis and not those in intensive care ».  The mix is made up of chloroquine and a specific antibiotic called azithromycine, this means it presents an antibacterial and also antiviral properties. 


French media has reported that a Chloroquine laboratory in France, has proposed to make 300,000 boxes now. But they are, allegedly  waiting for the French government to give the green light.


Medical staff who are in favour have expressed « outrage » that this therapy can’t be « official » as they are still waiting for the « protocol des Medecin » to give the go ahead, as they claim «  more tests are needed despite it being claimed to work as a treatment ». 


It was the Mayor of Nice Christian Estrosi who only this week declared that having tested positive for the coronavirus he was taking the treatment and had full confidence in Professor Raoult.

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