Lunchtime News Wednesday 8th April 2020

16 year old boy dies while jogging in Saint Jean Cap Ferrat - A 16-year-old boy has died while jogging in Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat. The young boy had reportedly gone for a jog during the confinement on Monday. His body was discovered shortly after 9.30pm in the port area of Saint Jean. He is thought to have collapsed, firefighters failed to resuscitate the victim who was in cardiopulmonary arrest when they arrived. Analysis must be performed to determine the exact cause of death.

Car catches fire at petrol station in Nice - A car has caught fire at a petrol station in Nice. The incident occurred at 8am this morning at the Total Access service station on the Promenade des Anglais. The immediate intervention of firefighters made it possible to avoid the worst. During the intervention the Promenade was closed in both directions. No one was injured. The vehicle was completely destroyed.

Forty sailors show signs of coronavirus - A press release from France's Ministry of the Armed Forces has announced on Wednesday morning that around forty sailors from the Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier are under enhanced medical observation after showing "symptoms compatible with a possible Covid-19 infection". "Seafarers with symptoms are currently being taken care of and are undergoing reinforced medical follow-up, said the press release from the Ministry of the Armed Forces. They have been placed in isolated confinement, as a precaution. The aircraft carrier is currently deployed in the Atlantic as part of the Foch mission. "A screening team with testing facilities will be dispatched to the aircraft carrier to investigate the cases and prevent the spread of the virus on board the vessel," the statement said. The aircraft carrier Charles-de-Gaulle's return to Toulon was scheduled for April 23rd.

Police officers in the Var file complaint against X after contracting Covid-19 - Several police officers, mainly night staff, have been affected by the coronavirus at the Sanary police station in the Var. At least seventeen of the 1,377 Var civil servants in four police stations have now tested positive for Covid-19. Eight officials stationed in Sanary, six officers assigned to Toulon, an official from the Hyères police station and two police officers from Fréjus have contracted the coronavirus since the start of the pandemic. A situation which greatly worries police unions, in particular the majority SGP Police Unit, which had, by the way of its departmental secretary, Julien Ventre, recalled the urgency of providing officers on the ground with protective equipment. Since Yves Lefebvre, secretary general of the union, has announced the future filing of a complaint against X for endangering the lives of others.

Brigitte Bardot calls on French President - Former French actress and animal activist Brigitte Bardot, has called on French President Emmanuel Macron to ask that animal adoptions can resume in shelters. Currently prohibited due to confinement measures, animal welfare associations fear an "unprecedented wave of euthanasia". Since the start of confinement, the adoption of animals in shelters and with animal protection associations is prohibited. Brigitte Bardot joined the call launched by the association Ethics For Animals and the Collectif Chats 100% Stérilisation Obligatoire so that they can resume as quickly as possible.

Scientific council say "several more weeks of confinement" - Jean-François Delfraissy, chairman of the Scientific Council for the French government and immunologist, has announced this morning that confinement must continue for several weeks from now". "In the current state of knowledge, we can discuss what will happen in post-confinement, but the essential and capital element is the pursuit of strict confinement over several weeks," said the chairman of the Scientific Council. According to Jean-François Delfraissy, this duration will depend on several criteria. Before considering the end of the confinement period, it will be necessary to verify that "the resuscitation services are starting to be freed up, there are available beds, and that the pressure of severe cases is decreasing adding that the arrival of diagnostic and serology tests and the tools allowing "tracking" are also important. Jean-François Delfraissy insisted on the need "to support the release from confinement of a very wide use of masks for the population". Even on this question of masks, he was divided. "Wearing a mask is mainly to protect others if you wear the Covid whilst being asymptomatic, he explained. Conversely, does a mask protect against others? The data is much less certain or reliable"."People consider that they have a certain protection by wearing this mask, continued the president of the Scientific Council"."The whole challenge", for Jean-François Delfraissy," is to be able to have this type of usual mask, non-professional, and not to think that we will be protected and keep the protective measures. "

Can some rare cases of Covid-19 attack the brain and the heart? - It is still one of the many unknowns. While the virus is known to cause severe respiratory distress syndromes and leave serious sequelaes, can the virus  of Covid-19 also cause heart or neurological damage? Doctors claim to have observed it on their patients and the first published studies also raise the possibility that the virus attacks not only the respiratory system, but also the brain and the heart, in certain patients. A fear that must be taken seriously, while keeping in mind that these cases remain rare. Two scientific studies suggest the loss of smell and taste seen in many Covid-19 patients a sign that the coronavirus attacks the central nervous system? It is far too early to say, but this hypothesis is supported by two recently published studies. A study, published in the Journal of Medical Virology (in English) is based on the behaviour of other coronaviruses close to Sars-Cov-2, responsible for the Covid-19 epidemic. In the early 2000s, studies on samples of patients with the SARS epidemic showed the presence of particles of the Sars-Cov virus in the brain, in particular in the neurons, write the researchers, led by Yan ‐ Chao Li, from the University of Jilin (China). The same researchers note that certain coronaviruses were able to take a neurological path connecting the lungs to the brainstem, an area precisely responsible for functions such as the regulation of respiration and heart rate. According to them, the respiratory failure observed in many Covid-19 patients could therefore be linked not only to the presence of the virus in the lungs, but also in the central nervous system.

French government working on a tracking app "StopCovid" - France Secretary of State for Digital, Cédric O, has announced, during an interview with Le Monde that the government is currently working on a smartphone application to find out if we have been in prolonged contact with a person who is positive with Covid-19. To "limit the spread of the virus by identifying chains of transmission", the government is working on the development of an application as part of a project called "StopCovid". "The idea would be to warn people who have been in contact with a patient who tested positive so that they can be tested themselves and if need be, taken care of very early, or else be confined," explains Cédric O. "The application is installed voluntarily; when two people meet for a certain period, and at a close distance, the mobile phone of one records the references of the other in its history. If a positive case is declared, those who have been in contact with this person are notified automatically, "said the Secretary of State.

Facebook launches app for couples  - Currently only available in the US and on iOS the Tuned app is at the crossroads of a couple's diary and an instant messaging service. Facebook is relaunching the conquest of intimate data. A group of the company's developers have launched an application specifically designed for couples. Called Tuned, it encourages couples to create their own social network, to share their mood, exchange music or even feed a digital photo album. Tuned, only available in iOS version, is presented as a "private space", allowing two people to chat directly. It also allows you to send notes, cards or voice memos, as well as personalized reactions, already present on Facebook. The new application, which is currently limited to the United States only, does not require a Facebook account to be used.

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