Lunchtime News Wednesday 2nd December 2020


65-year-old run over and killed in Nice - A 65-year-old man has died after being hit by a delivery truck in Nice this morning. The accident occurred at the Eucalyptus technical high school. The man was reportedly trapped under the vehicle and despite rapid intervention from emergency services was declared dead at the scene. The driver, as well as several witnesses of the accident, are being treated for shock. An investigation has been opened to determine the cause.

Are “body cameras” the answer?  - As the French government announces plans to rewrite the hugely criticized security law in France, the question of generalising “body cameras” throughout France police forces is considered by some, to be a possible solution. In the Var, body cameras have been tested since 2016 and chief police officer Patrice Buil who has tested and adopted the system says that there are only “advantages” in using “body cameras”. 

Insurers criticized for response to Covid-19 - France’s Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire has called for insurance premiums to be frozen. The minister has issued an ultimatum to insurers saying that if insurers fail to adhere to the request, the government will support a Senate amendment calling for an “exceptional contribution from insurers”. Insurers have been accused since the start of the health crisis of not doing enough, with dozens of disputes between restaurants and insurers over cover and operating losses. Bruno Le Maire has given insurers until next Monday to act saying that he expects “at least a freeze on insurance premiums for the entire hotel sector, cafes, restaurants and catering”.

Isolation period for those that go skiing abroad – France’s Prime Minister Jean Castex has said that a seven-day isolation period will be made compulsory for those people who go skiing abroad. While travel is set to be authorized from December 15th with the lifting of lockdown and the introduction of a curfew from 9pm to 7am in France, the French government strongly advises against travelling aboard to ski resorts as those in France remain closed. The Prime Minister said there would be random checks at borders with a seven-day isolation period and testing. France still hopes to find a compromise with other EU countries in the closure of resorts. At the moment, Italy and Germany look set to follow suit however Spain and Switzerland have not yet agreed as talks continue.

Snowfall - Meanwhile the first snowflakes have arrived in the Alpes Maritimes as snow was seen this morning on the hills in Grasse. While the coast experienced overnight showers the hinterland of Nice has experienced its first snowfall.  

The right to visit Covid-19 family members - Infectious disease specialist Elisa Demonchy has defended the right for family visits. Speaking to local media the specialist who works in the Covid service at the Archet Hospital in Nice said that “despite tensions and difficulties their presence is essential”. According to the doctor, her service allows families to visit their loved ones, this is not the case elsewhere, following an incident where a son experienced the last moments of his father's life though WhatsApp.  Dermonchy says this is “inhumane” and while visits are allowed there are certain conditions to be respected such as “avoid welcoming vulnerable visitors and one visit per day”. 

And finally

The secret to getting a sound night of sleep may lie in picking up good vibrations. Researchers from the US found that flies sleep longer if gently vibrated to sleep and wake up feeling more alert afterwards and the same could apply to humans. In the study, researchers found that, when subjected to vibrations, fruit flies stayed asleep for longer. It is unclear whether similar mechanisms are at work in humans, however the brains of flies and humans are fundamentally similar in how they form and function. Britons are among the most sleep-deprived people in the world with almost two in three saying they don't get enough shut-eye.

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