Lunchtime News Wednesday 28th October 2020


Fatal stabbing on Quai de Etats-Unis in Nice - Police in Nice have opened an investigation after a 30 year old man has died after being stabbed during a fight on the Quai de Etats-Unis. The stabbing occurred shortly after 10pm on Tuesday evening.  One person has been placed in police custody in connection with the incident.

Mayor of Nice expresses his support of a return to lockdown - In response to the French government’s possible return to lockdown expected to be confirmed during President Emmanuel Macron’s speech this evening at 8pm, the mayor of Nice Christian Estrosi has expressed his support for the return to a national lockdown during an interview on LCI this morning.

Estrosi called it a “fair and reasonable decision which would save the end of year celebrations”. The mayor went on to add that he hoped for coordination between the state and local communities and in his opinion “it would be fair to consider closing universities”.

Christian Estrosi concluded by saying that his position on the health crisis has “remained consistent since March with the health of the French being his priority”.

Figures for the Alpes Maritimes - In the Alpes Maritimes, the latest figures from Public Health France show that 247 patients are currently hospitalised with Covid-19 including 44 in intensive care.

Since the beginning of the pandemic to date 1,957 people have been hospitalised and 361 admitted to intensive care in the region with 246 deaths from the coronavirus.

In the Var 199 people are currently hospitalised with Covid-19 including 33 in intensive care.

Since the beginning of the pandemic to date 1,702 people have been hospitalised and 256 admitted to intensive care in the region with 194 deaths from the coronavirus.


Vaccine - Sanofi and GSK laboratories have announced today that they are to make 200 million doses of their vaccine available to the Covax programme, set up by the World Health Organisation, to give access of the vaccine against Covid-19 to the poorest countries.

In a statement, the French Sanofi and the British GSK indicated that they have "signed a declaration of intent aimed at guaranteeing each participating country fair and equitable access to possible vaccines against Covid-19 ". They plan to obtain the first results "at the beginning of December 2020 and to be able to launch a pivotal phase III trial before the end of the year".

Former President says France was acted too quickly following the end of the first lockdown - The former President of the Republic Francois Hollande has criticized the post-lockdown.

Speaking to French media this morning Hollande said that the “end of lockdown happened too quicky" adding that his time “we must not end lockdown too quickly admitting however, that he was guilty of being reckless and “gave into the temptation to have family reunions”.

French President Emmanuel Macron is to announce new measures to combat the spread of the coronavirus this evening at 8pm.

Leclerc warns not to “panic buy” - Meanwhile the President of the supermarket chain Leclerc has called for consumers not to “panic” adding that shoppers have already been “throwing themselves at pasta and toilet paper” similar to scenes from the start of the first lockdown.

Michel Edouard Leclerc assured shoppers “not to panic and that there is plenty of stock”.

And Finally

The Australian soap Neighbours has sparked fury on the Isle of Man by dubbing it “dodgy”.

Officials, locals and traders have reacted after a scene referred to the island as “dodgy”. Traders in the town of Ramsey were livid. Gift shop worker Barbara Gordon said: “They’re just jealous that we live in such a beautiful place. It’s not a tax haven, it’s our home and we pay our taxes.”

The Isle of Man has the world’s oldest continuous parliament, Tynwald, founded by Viking settlers more than one thousand years ago and still making the Island’s own laws.

And the three Legs, the ancient national symbol of the Isle of Man, and its motto ‘Whichever way you throw it, it will stand’, reflects the resilience of a resourceful people.


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