Lunchtime News Tuesday March 2nd 2021

Monaco controls-Monaco police carried out more than 4,000 checks on motorists entering the Principality during the weekend lockdown in the Alpes Maritimes.

Checks were carried out on roads and at the train station with 245 motorists turned away and 45 rail passengers refused entry.

Traffic coming into Monaco  was down by 45 percent on a normal weekend.

The operation is set to resume next weekend when the Alpes Maritimes will again be in lockdown.


Vaccinations-The French Health Authority has said this morning that all coronavirus vaccines should be allowed to be administered by staff at pharmacies.

Until now ,pharmacies have only been allowed to administer the AstraZeneca vaccine but the Haut Autorite de Sante now says that this should be extended to cover the Pfizer BioNTech and Moderna vaccines.

The HAS says that the decision reflects  an acceleration in the vaccination campaign.

The new recommendation must first be approved by the government before it becomes law.


Saliva tests- The French Education Minister has said today that 1,700 students will be recruited to help carry out coronavirus saliva testing in schools.

On Monday ,Jean-Michel Blanquer said that only school nurses and qualified medical personnel would be carrying out the tests when they’re introduced from the middle of March.

Mr Blanquer has stressed that students will only be recruited to “help” medical staff and would not be administering tests themselves “under any circumstances”.

Teaching unions have expressed unease about the new tests ,fearing that staff in schools will be left to carry the can.


Bordeaux shooting-A 16 year old has been seriously injured after being shot by police after trying to evade a road block.

Reports say that the youth who was driving a high powered Audi RS3 with a Polish registration plate refused to stop for police who were forced to give chase along streets in the centre of the city.

The driver hit a number of other vehicles before police opened fire.

He was eventually apprehended and suffered severe throat injuries for which he’s being treated in hospital.

Two passengers were in the car and made off on foot.One has since been arrested.


Top Marques-The annual Top Marques luxury car show in Monaco has been put back from the spring to September because of the current health crisis.

The show will take place from the 5th of September with the usual selection of luxury and supercars as well as other attractions.

Organisers say that they are planning to go ahead but will be ready to cancel if the health situation has not improved sufficiently.


Grand Prix-Meanwhile, construction is underway for the annual motorsport events here in Monaco although there is no word ,as yet whether fans will be allowed to attend.

The historic and e-prix are both being held this year after authorities were forced to postpone them last year because of lockdown. The Formula 1 Grand Prix is scheduled for Sunday May 23rd but all the events may have to be held behind closed doors or with limited numbers of fans.

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