Lunchtime News Tuesday 6th October 2020


Woman found dead in Vence - A 40-year-old woman has been found dead in Vence, her partner has been placed in police custody.

According to reports the couple, who had been living in Vence for a few months, both suffered from psychiatric disorders.

While the exact circumstances remain to be determined authorities “believe it could be a result of domestic violence”. The companion has no criminal record.

According to the latest official figures last year in France 146 women were killed by their spouse or ex-companion, 25 more than the previous year. 

Storm Alex - As rescue operations continue in the hinterland of Nice and the north of Italy following Storm Alex four towns remain completely cut off Tende, La Brigue, Saorge and Fontan.

At least 12 bodies have been discovered in both the Alpes Maritimes and across the Italian border while at least 8 people are reported missing and the whereabouts of 13 others remains unknown.

French President Emmanuel Macron is expected to visit the area on Wednesday afternoon.

Marseille - While restaurants reopened their doors in Marseille and Aix on Monday under strict health measures, the union for bars and cafes announced that they are set to follow suit today.

The president of the Union Bernard Marty said that "The reopening will be done according to the same strict rules as those applied to restaurants”. Including that only table service will be available and wearing a mask is mandatory.

Former town hall employee runs up 9,300 euros petrol bill - A former town hall employee from the Fos-sur-Mer near Marseille is to appear in court after continuing to use an employee petrol card two years after leaving his post at the town hall. Resulting in 9,300 euros worth of petrol being billed to the city’s local council.  

The 64-year-old father and his son had continued to use the card and admitted to the facts. The father claimed he had "forgotten to return the card".

The two suspects were placed in police custody before being summoned before the prosecutor with the obligation to reimburse the amount of the damage.


Working from home encouraged by France’s labour minister - France’s employment minister Élisabeth Borne has emphasised the importance that "employees able to work from home do so, due to the Covid-19 health crisis".

Speaking on France Inter this morning the minister said that the “as much as possible those able to work from home should do so” adding that it’s a matter of “common sense in order to protect employees, colleagues and reduce the use of public transport”.

The word “separatism” to be removed - France’s Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin has announced this morning the word "separatism" used in the title of the bill is to be removed. The minister justified the move saying that “The idea was to fight against the main separatism that is radical Islam", he added that this is “not however the only object of the text".

Gérald Darmanin stressed that the first two articles of the law of 1905, the basis of secularism in France, would not be modified. On the other hand, the minister cited as an example the introduction of "a ban on playing politics in places of worship".

In addition, the minister stressed that the leaders of religious associations will be required to have a criminal record free of any conviction for "radicalization, or complicity in terrorism”.

Concerning associations receiving subsidies or benefiting from loans, they will be asked "from the first euro " to adhere to "the values ​​of the Republic", added the Minister.

The bill is due to be examined by the Council of Ministers on 9th December.

UK’s quarantine list - Due to an increase in coronavirus cases Italy, Greece and Sweden could be added to the UK’s quarantine list this week.

The countries would be added to the 'red' list of high-risk destinations, but it comes as the Government is considering slashing quarantine from 14 days to eight days.

A negative test on the eighth day after returning from a high-risk country would allow the period of self-isolation to end.

Renoir painting found in boot of car - German customs officials have announced the seizure of a painting by French painter Pierre-Auguste Renoir, worth 120,000 euros. The work of art was discovered in the boot of a car coming from Switzerland.

At the time of the police control the man driving the vehicle claimed to have nothing to declare.

The 67-year-old man finally explained that he was transporting the painting to the Czech Republic on behalf of a Swiss gallery. He is liable to criminal prosecution.


And Finally

A husband got 13 million views after posting ways to get his wife to speak to him again after landing himself in her bad books.

He decided to tamper with appliances around their home in the hope she would have to ask him to fix them - but not everyone thought it was a wise move.

In a series of videos posted to TikTok the husband starts with turning off the water to the bathroom toilet, flipping around the batteries in the television remote, unscrewing lightbulbs, placing kitchen pans on the highest shelf out of the reach and changing the TV language to Spanish - all in the hope she would come to him for help.

He continues by cutting the power to the coffee machine, changing the settings on her phone, disabling the Wi-Fi and even tightening the lid on every jar in the fridge.

At the end he says he just has to sit back and wait as she'll soon have a reason to speak to him, and some were impressed with his "genius" idea to win her forgiveness.

But others warned he was simply digging himself into a bigger hole.


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