Lunchtime news Thursday 9th April 2020

Nursing homes - Seven deaths have been reported in two nursing homes in the commune of Châteauneuf, Pré du Lac and Diamantine, five of which were due to Covid-19. 

Mayor of Nice pays tribute to jazzman - The mayor of Nice Chrisitan Estrosi has paid tribute to jawwman Daniel Chauvet who has died following complications after a fall. An essential soul of jazz in Nice, this excellent musician "attended all jazz festivals and concerts all year round, including the Nice Jazz Festival" said the mayor of Nice, Christian Estrosi evoking the superb work "Nice Jazz, history of a festival" that Daniel Chauvet had co-written with Gilbert d´Alto (Gilletta editions). Daniel Chauvet described as  "A very good, solid musician, who mastered all this language of jazz. He was part of a generation that knew all the standards of this genre in its own right. A generation playing without partitions and with a memory of an elephant".

Owner rents house for a party in Aix en Provence - Police have opened an investigation after the owner of a property in Aix en Provence rented out their house during the confinement period to a group of people from Marseille who were planning a party. Tourist rentals have been prohibited since the begining of April. Police were informed after neighbours in the area complained of noise. 

Website to help people who think they may have symptoms of the virus - The French government has put online a website to help orient anyone who thinks they have been exposed to the coronavirus and potentially has symptoms. It is very clearly stated that this opinion "has no medical value". The government put online on Wednesday a questionnaire on Covid-19, allowing "to orient you according to your state of health and the symptoms that you report", in order to verify the potential seriousness of your case. Please note, however, that it is clearly stated that this opinion "has no medical value".

Corsica - Faced with a waste crisis since November, Corsica will be able to transfer several thousand tonnes to Nice. Syvadec, the public body which manages waste on the island, would cover the additional cost according to reports. The mayor of Nice Christian Estrosi has given his "agreement in principle, in terms of solidarity between Ajaccio, Corsica and Nice" adding that in Nice there has been a 20% drop in household waste.