Lunchtime News Thursday 23rd April 2020

Corsica, “unacceptable risk” - The president of the Corsican Assembly, Jean-Guy Talamoni has said that the reopening of schools, is "an unacceptable risk" in Corsica. The claim was made following a videoconference with the Prime Minister on the opening of crèches and schools from May 11th.

The Covid-19 epidemic has claimed 62 lives on the island, according to a press release from the President of the Assembly of Corsica.

Increase in number of confinement controls in the Var - Due to an increase in the number of motorists on the roads in the Var region. Police in the region, have announced that there will be an increase in the number of checks being carried out.

Police claim that since the last intervention from President Emmanuel Macron on April 13th there are been a “certain “relaxation” in respecting confinement measures, by the population in general in the Var”, estimating a 30% increase.

Scientific uncertainly declares France’s Health Director - Speaking at the National Assembly this morning, Thursday 23rd April, France’s Director of Health Jerome Salomon has said "We have a lot of scientific uncertainty about this virus", adding that "We will be fully mobilize on screening," before explaining that on the 10th January "We sent very early warning messages, indicating that "the pandemic is exceptional, comparing it to the plague". He concluded that "It is the first time in the history of the world that countries worldwide have been affected at the same time,"

Calls to child help line rise during lockdown - In France the national child helpline at 119, has seen a sharp increase in the number of calls during confinement. Experiencing an 89.35% increase in calls for the week of April 13th to 19th. 14,531 calls were recorded compared to 7,674 in April of last year.

France’s Finance Minister says companies registered in tax havens will not receive state aid - France’s Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire has announced that companies registered in tax havens will not have state aid. Le Maire went on to explain in an interview this morning that "There are rules that must be followed. If a company has benefited from the state treasury, you cannot pay dividends and you cannot buy back shares," and is therefore obvious that you cannot benefit from public support,"

Study from epicenter of Covid 19 - A study carried out in a high school in Oise region of France, an epicenter of the Covid 19 epidemic has revealed that 26% of teachers, students and their families have been infected by Covid 19 and have antibodies to the virus.

According to researchers at the Institute Pasteur in Paris the results show a level, totally insufficient to justify the slightest relaxation, of measures in place. Confirming that 60 to 70% is needed in the general population in order to have enough group immunity to stop the epidemic.

This is provided, of course, that the antibodies are really protective against the coronavirus and that this immunity lasts at least several months.

Germany promises to “contribute more” - German Chancellor Angela Merkel has promised this morning  that Germany is ready to contribute "much more" to the European budget "in a spirit of solidarity", for "much larger contributions" in the face of the epidemic of coronavirus, The Chancellor’s comments came ahead of today’s summit with 27 leaders of the EU to find solutions to the economic crisis due to the pandemic.

China announces it will donate to the World Health Organization - China has announced today that it will donate an additional 28 million euros to the World Health Organization (WHO). This decision comes a few days after the American disengagement from the UN institution.




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