Lunchtime News Thursday 19th November 2020


French justice gives the government three months to respect its commitments to climate change - France’s Council of State has given the French government three months to prove its compliance with its commitments to reducing greenhouse gases. A decision taken by the State Council and published today.  

As part of the implementation of the Paris Agreement France is committed to reducing its greenhouse gas emissions by 40% by 2030 compared to the 1990 level.

The move comes after the council of the Nord Pas de Calais, threatened by the rise in sea levels, seized the Council of State in 2019 for “climate inaction”.

Ahead of definitely deciding on the request the Council of State is therefore today asking the government to justify, within three months, its refusal to take additional measures compatible with the objectives set for 2030. The Council of State underlines that the State has obligations not of means but of results.

Global warming report says the Mediterranean basin is “at tipping point” - Meanwhile a report on global warming published on Wednesday on the state of the environment and development in the Mediterranean has warned of potential risks to the region.

François Guerquin, director of Plan Bleu, presented the report describing the future of the Mediterranean as being at “tipping point” as global warming is "endangering the health and livelihoods" of the population in the Mediterranean.

A previous version of the report which dates back to 2009 shows that 15% of deaths in the Mediterranean basin are already attributable to preventable environmental causes, according to the data compiled.

The report show that the Mediterranean area is particularly exposed to climate change “warming up 20% faster than the world average”. One of the highlights of the vast study is the significant rise in sea level which authors of the report say, “could reach 0.5 to 2.5 meters by the end of the century”.

Renault - The CFE-CGC, the first union of the Renault group, has this morning announced that it has signed an agreement to cut 2,500 jobs in engineering functions of the company in France, via voluntary departures.

The agreement is part of the savings plan of more than 2 billion euros over three years, announced at the end of May by management, which provides for around 15,000 job cuts worldwide, including 4,600 in France. The 2,100 job cuts planned in French factories, however, remain to be negotiated.

Macron does not want to repeat the same mistake as in May - According to France’s government spokesman the Head of State Emmanuel Macron wants, at all costs, avoid repeating a “relaxation of restrictions” as in May and is working towards the next phase of the second lockdown seeing various measure adopted but not a “complete end of lockdown”.

Meanwhile the Ministry of Health has announced this morining that a press conference will be held at 6 p.m this evening “to take stock on the fight against Covid-19 in France ".

Mental Health - On Wednesday France's health minister Olivier Veran said that the government wants "to avoid a third wave" which would be that of "mental health".

Veran made the remark while visiting "Fil santé jeunes" a listening platform for adolescents and young adults.

The minister's remarks come after General Health Director Jerome Salomon already spoke of the consequences of Covid-19 on mental health during a press briefing on Tuesday in which he pointed out, that the number of people suffering with mental health issues had doubled between September and November in France.

SOS Helpline an English language listening helpline and a partner of the UK Samaritans

The Vendée Globe and the Monaco connection – As the Vendée Globe sailors enter the Doldrums Boris Herrmann is currently ranked 7th. The Doldrums known as the Inter-Tropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ), is located between 8° and 3° North and corresponds to a very unstable weather zone. Sailors who pass through it can get stuck in calm zones or, on the contrary, suffer violent storms.

The German sailor is sailing on Seaexplorer - Yacht Club de Monaco and is sponsored by two main partners the Yacht Club de Monaco and Kuehne & Nagel. The team was founded by Boris’s long-time friend and keen sailor Pierre Casiraghi, Prince Albert’s nephew.

Boris Herrmann wants to show his compatriots, and everyone interested in ocean racing that his project is strong and valuable enough to make him a frontrunner in the race and his project doesn’t end there: the German navigator will race onboard with an ocean sensor whilst sailing through the remote Southern Ocean. The team also educates children around the world about ocean and climate change, setting an example for future generations who are also part of his campaign for the Vendée Globe 2020. Follow The Vendee Globe Live on

Yachting -  A world first in the yachting sees the arrival of the hydrogen pleasure yacht. The high-tech boat has been built in La Ciotat shipyards in the Var and founder of HYNOVA, Chloé Zaied is now awaiting its approval and the authorization to sail. The goal being to market and produce the yacht from next year.

The Hynova 40 is a 12 m boat designed by Chloé Zaied, founder and managing director of HYNOVA Yachts. This dayboat or superyacht dinghy is the first series production electro-hydrogen pleasure boat launched on the market. This boat, capable of accommodating up to 12 passengers, will sail without any emissions, in a totally silent manner thanks to its hybrid hydrogen electric technology.

Chloé, born in Marseille, is a natural when it comes to sailing and the world of yachting after the passion was passed on by her parents sailing from Porquerolles to Corsica at eight years old.

After years in the industry it was a meeting at the Cannes boat show with the Energy Observer team and their boat which was going around the world to promote a mix of renewable energies that led to Energy Observer choosing its start-up Hynova to develop the commercial pilot project.

The environmental challenges linked to Covid and the green hydrogen plan have accelerated the process. Chloé Zaied has had the boat built in La Ciotat in the Var.




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