Lunchtime News Thursday 18th November 2021


French President announces new measures in the fight against bullying - French President Emmanuel Macron has this morning announced new measures to fight against school bullying, including a strengthening of parental control on screens used by children and a new application to help victims report incidents. To mark the mobilization this Thursday, against school bullying, the Head of State notes in a video posted on the social networks of the Elysee that, despite the initiatives taken, "bullying is still rampant in schools and on social networks".

Bullying affects nearly one in ten children in France and can have dramatic consequences. In the video, the Head of State announces that, "in addition to the 3018 number set up, a 3018 app will be launched in February to allow victims and witnesses to send a screenshot of harassment situations so that they are better accompanied".

6 out of 10 people in France are in favour of a return to lockdown for those who are not vaccinated - As the health situation deteriorates in France, 60% of French people say they are in favour of a return to lockdown, which would concern only unvaccinated people, according to an Elabe poll. On Tuesday, 19,778 cases of covid were recorded in France and on Wednesday, 20,294. Figures almost twice the average of the last seven days, which was around 11,000. 54% of respondents also believe that the epidemic is far from over and that it will resume with force in the coming weeks. It is the oldest who anticipate a strong recovery from covid with 66% of those aged 65 and over compared to 56% of those aged 18-24. Despite these fears, 61% of French respondents believe that there will be no national lockdown in the coming weeks.

This study also confirms that there has been a drop in respecting barrier gestures. While 57% of French people say they will continue to apply them strictly in the coming weeks, 40% of respondents say they will keep certain precautions without wearing a mask or washing their hands very frequently.

Carrefour will take back old mobile phones in return for vouchers - Carrefour has announced a partnership with Back Market which will see terminals set up allowing customers to return an old smartphone, in exchange for vouchers. More than 100 million smartphones are discarded in a drawer and the French have trouble parting with their old phones with only 15% of the devices being put on the market to be reconditioned or recycled. In order to encourage the French to give them away, Carrefour will install smartphone take-back terminals in its stores. There are about 50 terminals already operational in some Carrefour hypermarkets and supermarkets, 135 are expected by the end of the year and  250 by the end of January.

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