Lunchtime News Thursday 12th November 2020


Mac Donald’s employee threatens suicide in front of staff - An employee of a Mac Donalds branch located on avenue Jean Médecin in Nice has been arrested by police after showing threatening behavior in front of staff.

Shocked staff were evacuated when at around 8.30am this morning the employee threatened to commit suicide.  

Firefighters were quick to arrive on site as police managed to cordon off the area and dissuade the man, who was armed with a knife at the time.

Police have launched an investigation into the incident to determine the exact cause.  

4 year old fatally stabbed - A 4-year-old girl has been fatally stabbed in Lozanne, in the Rhône. The incident occurred this morning and police believe that the drama took place in the context of a dispute between the young girls’ parents. The mother was also reportedly injured in the incident.

Police have opened an investigation to determine the exact circumstances.

Police officer holds illegal party during lockdown - A police officer has been arrested and placed in police custody in Toulouse after organizing a party during lockdown. The officer was not only breaking current restrictions in force across France due to Covid-19 but according to reports went on to attack officers who had been alerted by neighbouring residents due to the late-night noise.

The incident occurred in the town of Saint-Jean, north of Toulouse. The officer is to appear before the criminal court in May for "violence against a person holding public authority".

Covid-19 - As French Prime Minister Jean Castex is set to address the nation this evening at 6pm to take stock of the current health crisis and encourage the French to respect restrictions in the hope of halting the spread of Covid-19 before Christmas, a poll published this morning by Ifop has shown that 60% of French people admit to having already broken the rules.

24% said that they have used the travel certificate for purposes other than those indicated, 23% had welcomed family or friends in their home, 17% had walked beyond the authorized limit and 9% of those questioned broke the rules to find a partner - or potential partner.  

In addition, the second lockdown has hit the morale of the French more severely with 28% declaring to “feeling bad” this time round, compared to 20% during the first lockdown.

Sleep is also a problem with 38% of those questioned reporting sleep disorders - a figure that rises to 44% for women.

In total, 52% of those polled feels, since the announcement of the second lockdown, a stronger feeling of sadness.

Investigation into the handling of Covid-19 in France - French prosecutors have announced that they have launched four separate investigations into the authorities' management of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The investigations have been filed against unknown persons for willingly abstaining from fighting a threat, endangering the lives of others and involuntary manslaughter. The procedures will examine 253 of the 328 complaints filed against decision-makers and public institutions since March 24th.

As part of the preliminary investigation, police last month searched the homes of former Prime Minister Edouard Philippe, former health minister Agnes Buzyn, the head of the country's national health service Jerome Salomon, and former government spokeswoman Sibeth Ndiaye. The home and office of the current Health Minister, Olivier Véran, were also searched.

France is among the most heavily impacted countries in Europe, behind the United Kingdom and Italy, with nearly 41,000 deaths recorded since the beginning of the pandemic. More than 1.8 million people have also been infected with the deadly virus.

The government was sharply criticised at the beginning of the year and during the spring peak for the shortages of personal protection equipment and for contradictory messaging — the government initially said wearing face masks would not be effective in curbing the spread of the virus.

Professor Didier Raoult – France’s National Board of Physicians has reportedly taken action against Professor Didier Raoult, director of University Hospital of Marseille, accusing him of a series of breaches of the code of ethics.

The professor’s treatment against Covid-19 had initially raised immense hopes back in the spring but he is now to appear before the disciplinary chamber of the regional order in the coming months accused of having violated at least nine articles of the code of medical ethics.

In the professors defense his lawyer said that "He did not endanger anyone" adding that “Today, we are putting Didier Raoult on trial, but he has not endangered anyone: his treatment is recognized by the international scientific community, it is prescribed routinely in Morocco, Senegal, and Mali adding that “the professor also tested everyone when, elsewhere in France, the demand was unable to be met”.

France will cross the threshold of ten million poor in 2020 - According to the annual report from the Secours Catholique in France published today "France will cross the threshold of ten million poor in 2020".

The president of the Secours Catholique, Véronique Fayet, is alarmed by the economic and social consequences of the health crisis. Every year, the Secours Catholique publishes a report on the state of poverty in France, based on its own statistics.

Fayet points out that “Poverty and inequalities have increased over the last ten years in France, which is still paying for the effects of the 2008 financial crisis and with the health crisis, difficult months are still to come”.

According to INSEE, France had 9.3 million people living below the monetary poverty line, or 1,063 euros per month, in 2018.

Motorhome - The motorhome market has attracted more and more French people in recent years and the president of the Federation of Campers, Caravanners and Motorhomes (FFCC) Gérard Couté says “it could be boosted by the health precautions linked to the coronavirus crisis”.

With more than 500,000 vehicles in circulation, France has the second largest fleet in Europe, just behind Germany.

According to the FFCC in a context where social distancing is becoming the norm, the motorhome seems to embody a perfect fallback solution for future holiday makers. Another advantage of the motorhome is the spirit of freedom at a time when many French people aspire to an alternative lifestyles.

Click & Collect - Starred chefs in France are reaching out to new customers with a “click and collect” service being offered by some of the capital’s finest restaurants.

And the two-star chef Hélène Darrozeis is taking part offering amongst other dishes, a foie gras burger served in cardboard packaging which preserves flavour and heat. The dishes also come with a booklet which explains how to heat them and even the packaging was chosen not to damage the chefs reputation. Dishes start at 15 euros.




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