Lunchtime News.Monday March 1st 2021

Weekend lockdown-Authorities in the Alpes Maritimes say that the weekend lockdown was mainly “well observed” by the public although more than 1,000 fines for non-compliance were issued across the department.

Most people went for short one hour walks or carried out essential shopping in stores that were allowed to open.

Short religious services lasting no more than half an hour were allowed to happen contrary to initial instructions.

There have been some complaints that the official ‘attestation derogatoire’ necessary for people to leave their homes was not published until Saturday morning which was of no use to those without home printers or smartphones.


Paris restrictions-Authorities in Paris and the Ile de France region are meeting with local prefects today to discuss introducing further measures to control the spread of Covid-19.

The Paris region along with 20 departments around the country has been placed under “heightened surveillance” on the orders of Prime Minister Jean Castex.

However ,the Mayor of Paris ,Anne Hidalgo doesn’t think that the measures are sufficient and a weekend lockdown could be imposed next weekend if the prefect is in agreement.

The banks of the River Seine were crowded with people last weekend which the Mayor says risks the spread of the virus.


Villa fire-Fire has completely destroyed a villa in Les Adrets de l’Esterel in the Var.

Firefighters were called to the property on the chemin de la Tuiliere late on Sunday night but were unable to save the building which was completely gutted.

The owner of the 90 square meter property ,a 60 year old man and two friends who were inside at the time ,were rescued and taken to hospital with minor injuries.




1st of March-As usual at the start of the month ,several changes are being made in a number of areas.

Partial unemployment regulations for workers affected by coronavirus will remain unchanged with the state continuing to pay 70 percent of salaries and businesses paying 15 percent will remain in force until at least the end of March.


Restaurant cheques(tickets restaurant) will continue to be accepted for takeaway meals and deliveries and will be accepted on Sundays.

New energy rating stickers will appear on a range of domestic appliances from fridges to televisions and computer screens in a drive to inform consumers about the environmental impact of products.


The government is to launch its efforts to offer 30,000 training schemes to the young unemployed and tobacco prices will change with falls in the price of some well known brands but rises for cigars and cigarillos.

Gas prices will rise on average by 5.7 percent with a 1.5 percent increase who use gas for cooking ,a 3.4 percent hike for people who use it for hot water and cooking and a 5.9 percent rise for those whose central heating is gas-fired.


Cannabis fines-More than 40,000 on the spot fines have been issued for possession of cannabis since a change in the law 6 months ago.

Police are now issuing fines of 200 euros to people caught in possession of small amounts of the drug.

Offenders criminal records are also marked for a first offence.

The government says that it’s “too early to tell” whether the new system is a success.

The Interior Ministry says that all drugs offences in the period between September and the end of January increased by 19.5 percent.

Police appear to be mainly in favour of the measure which unions say is helping to reduce paperwork and time-wasting  court appearances for officers.


Sarkozy-A verdict in the corruption trial of former French President Nicolas Sarkozy will be handed down by a court in Paris this afternoon.

Mr Sarkozy is accused of influence peddling which he denies.

The state prosecutor at the trial has called on the 66 year old former Head of State to be jailed for 4 years with two suspended.

Mr Sarkozy is due to appear in court on separate charges of illegal political fundraising during his 2012 election campaign on the 17th of March.

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