Lunchtime News Monday 30th March 2020

Lunchtime news Monday 30th March 2020 

Weather warning - Météo France has placed the Côte d'Azur on a yellow weather alert this morning with storms forecast.

The warning is in place from midday until 9pm this evening in the Alpes Maritimes. 

French government launches help for those struggling with digital technology - As administrative procedures can only be done online these days, the French government has launched a website and phone number for those struggling with digital technology.

A website and associated phone number have been launched to help people, who find it difficult to use digital tools, at a time when the French are confined because of the coronavirus epidemic.

The site  is intended to be an educational centre to help people who are unfamiliar with the Internet and to make the best use of digital tools for their administrative procedures.

A telephone number, 01 70 772 372, will also be available from Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 6 pm, for those who would like to take advice from one of the 700 volunteers.

According to figures 3 million French people, one in five, feel that they have no digital capacity and don’t  know  the basic procedures.

On the site are accessible tutorials and explanations that are easy to access to facilitate the completion of administrative procedures - for example how to complete your travel certificate, declare yourself at the job centre, complete a social security certificate or even make an appointment with your doctor. 

Wedding takes place - Despite the containment measures in France which have led to the cancellation of all marriages, the town hall of Besançon made an exception by agreeing to officially unite a couple at their home.

The town hall chose to make a small exception to the rule by agreeing to officially unite a couple at their home on Thursday.

The reason an exception was made, was because Franck who lives with Angelique, both 53 years old,  suffers from a serious illness. 

Already married religiously in Vietnam in 1995, in Saigon, this union had no legal value in France.

Their request had been filed in early March, but the municipal elections, then the confinement, extended the deadline. Their demand was finally approved. The mayor supported the couples way of « Overcoming the ordeal »  of the illness. They were accompanied by two witnesses and their son and the necessary safety precautions imposed at the moment due to the coronavirus  were respected.

Could there be  a global shortage of condoms due to the coronavirus? - Finally, the world's largest producer of condoms, Malaysia, according to reports, has not been making them for a week because of the containment adopted to combat the spread of covid 19.

A global shortage of condoms is looming. In the midst of a coronavirus epidemic, Malaysia has declared containment for a week. However, the world's leading producer of these plastic protections,  manufactures one condom out of five in the world.

For the past week, not a single condom has been released from one of Karex Bhd's three factories in the country, Reuters reported. This brings the number to 100 million of these single-use protections that are missing on the world market.

The company, which sells condoms under brands such as Durex, was allowed to resume production, like a number of industries deemed "critical" but with only half of its staff.

The CEO told reporters that « It will take time to restart the factories and we will have trouble meeting demand at half its capacity, We are going to see a global shortage of condoms everywhere, which is going to be scary ».

The leader said he is particularly concerned about the humanitarian programs in which his company participates by providing condoms, notably to the United Nations. “The shortage will not be just two weeks or a month. It can last for months, ”warned Goh Miah Kiat.



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