Lunchtime News Monday 21st June 2021


Reopening of nightclubs - Following this morning’s meeting between French President Emmanuel Macron and representatives from the nightclub industry it's been announced that nightclubs will reopen in France on July 9th. After 15 months of closure, nightclubs will be able to welcome clubbers again this summer. Access will be "reserved for those who can produce a health pass," said the minister at the end of the working meeting at the Elysee. However, a 75% gauge will have to be applied inside establishments - it will be 100% outside. Moreover, "indoors, wearing a mask will not be compulsory," he said.

According to unions the industry represents 30,000 jobs and a billion euros in annual turnover. Out of the 1,600 nightclubs in France 152 have had to close permanently due to the health crisis.

Meanwhile today France celebrates the Fete de La Musique and to mark the occasion the traditional concert will be taking place this evening in the main courtyard of the Elysee Palace featuring Jean Michel Jarre the event will be broadcast live on CultureBox.

Building collapses - Three people have been injured, one seriously after two buildings collapsed in Bordeaux. One of the buildings was empty and under construction, the second was inhabited. Firefighters have said that “it’s a miracle nobody was killed”. The incident occurred on Sunday night in the centre of Bordeaux near the Porte de Bourgogne. Nearly 70 rescuers were mobilized and about thirty residents of neighboring buildings were evacuated.

Unauthorised rave party - A 22-year-old man has lost his hand and several others were injured as police tried to break up an unauthorised rave party in western France. Five security officers were wounded in the clashes. The tensions erupted in a field near the Brittany town of Redon on Friday night. Police repeatedly fired tear gas and charged clusters of violent partygoers. Local authorities estimated about 1,500 people took part. More than 400 officers were mobilised for the operation.

Regional elections - French President Emmanuel Macron and his opponent Marine Le Pen have failed to make the gains they were hoping for in the first round of regional elections in France on Sunday.  Macron's centrist party is projected to gain more than 10% of the vote - just enough to take part in the second round next weekend. Ms Le Pen's far-right National Rally has also fallen short of expectations. Both are trailing the conservative party, Les Républicains. Marine le Penn blamed the results on the government's inability to inspire faith in political institutions.

And Finally 

I'll tell you what I want! - Spice Girl  fans might want to plan a staycation this summer as you can now hire the original Spice Bus on Airbnb!

The real bus that was used by the iconic girl band in Spice World complete with its Union Jack exterior - is now a cosy stay on the Isle of Wight, complete with beds, living area with TV, and even a private deck so you can enjoy those sunnier days. Other perks include a separate dressing room area with a dressing table - perfect for Spice Girl makeovers.

There's even the original driver's seat where Meatloaf sat as he took on the role of bus driver in the hit film and there's Girl Power themed artwork, and a retro CD player so you can listen to all of the Spice Girls' greatest hits!


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