Lunchtime News Friday 29th May 2020

Changes from June 1st - From June 1st, as with every first of the month new measures will come into force in France.

State reduces contribution to partial unemployment - From June 1st, companies will have to pay their employees part-time unemployed having to cover the 15% of compensation paid by the State up until now.The state will continue to cover the remaining share.

For the employee, this decision does not change anything and they will continue to receive 70% of a gross salary, or 84% of a net salary.

Unable to resume activity - In certain sectors where activity has not been able to resume, the State will also continue to cover 100% of partial unemployment. This will be the case, for example, in the sectors of "hotels, restaurants, bars, events, a good part of the cultural sector”.

A compulsory certificate to continue partial unemployment for childcare - Parents who previously had  to look after their children due to the closure of schools and  benefited from partial unemployment will need a certificate to continue. As of June 1st, this system will be restricted. While nursery and primary schools have reopened - as well as colleges in green zones - parents who wish to continue to benefit from this measure will have to prove  that their child's establishment has remained closed or that their child cannot be accommodated.

Vulnerable employees - Employees considered vulnerable may also continue to benefit from partial unemployment if they are unable to exercise their professional activity. This includes people with a cardiovascular history, unbalanced diabetes, respiratory disease that the virus can worsen, people with active cancer or with obesity.

Slight drop in gas prices, increase in electricity - As of June 1, the regulated gas rate will decrease by 0.45%. The price of electricity will go up. From Saturday May 30th, by 5.9%.

Support for automobile industry - In a plan to support the automobile presented on Tuesday, Emmanuel Macron promised to boost demand and announced an increase in the conversion premium. 

Premiums for the purchase of a clean vehicle are also revalued from June 1. The bonus for the purchase of an electric vehicle will drop from 6,000 to 7,000 euros for individuals, and from 3,000 to 5,000 euros for businesses. Plug-in hybrid vehicles, previously excluded from the scheme, will also benefit from a bonus of 2,000 euros.

Right to evict tenants is extended - The right to evict tenants which was scheduled to end on May 31, has been extended until July 10th due to the coronavirus crisis. This means that an owner cannot evict his tenant until this date. Likewise, water and electricity suppliers cannot cut off the power, even if the tenant's bills have remained unpaid.

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