Hygiene survey

Hygiene survey - According to a survey published today and carried out by Ifop only three out of four French people wash every day. Published by Le Parisien newspaper the survey showed that women's hygiene was better, with 81% of women washing "at least once a day", compared to 71% of men.

Results also showed that 24% of men wash twice a week, and 5% only once a week. As for women, 15% wash only twice a week, and 4% once a week. The study specifies that 63% of those questioned take a shower every day, and only 6% opt for a bath.

In terms of hand hygiene, the habits of the French still have many shortcomings: only two men out of three - 68% - wash their hands each time they go to the toilet. 75% of women have this habit, but only 42% of them wash their hands after taking public transport (even fewer men - 31%). Washing your hands after blowing your nose is even rarer: only 25% of French people do it.

The hygiene of French people in terms of underwear was also researched and according to the survey, 94% of women change their underwear "every day", compared to just 73% of men with the lack of hygiene being more important among seniors: only one in two men over 65 change their underwear every day.



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