French and Riviera News Wednesday 15th April 2020


Coronavirus - In the Alpes Maritimes, 131 people have died from the coronavirus according to the latest figures published on Tuesday evening. 282 patients are in hospital in the region with an additional 79 in intensive care.

In the Var, the virus has claimed 123 lives. 329 patients are in hospital, marking a sharp increase in the number of those admitted to hospital this week which according to officials is due to military officers, from the aircraft carrier the Charles de Gaulle, which were  admitted to the Sainte Anne military hospital in Toulon. 

All deaths in both the Alpes Maritimes and the Var, include those in both hospitals and care homes.

In Monaco for a second consecutive day on Tuesday no new cases of Covid-19 were reported. 

On a national level In France, 103,573 cases were confirmed on Tuesday evening, 5,497 more than on Monday. 71,903 people have been hospitalized since the start of the epidemic.

6,730 patients are in intensive care, including 95 young patients under the age of 30. 

28,805 people have left hospital after having been cured since the start of the epidemic in France. 15,729 people have died from the virus in France. The average age of the deceased is 81.

French researchers say massive Covid-19 testing is the only way - French researchers say that the current confinement restrictions can only be eased gradually, recommending large scale testing and to isolate anyone who has the covid-19 virus in order to reduce the fallout of a possible second wave of contamination.

The report was published by France's national health and medical research agency and recommends that the lifting of restrictions should not come into effect before May or June at the earliest and warns that a return to 'normal' will take several weeks.

It also suggests that in the early stages of lifting confinement measures, schools should remain closed and elderly people should remain confined.

French President Emmanuel Macron addressed the issue of the lockdown in his televised speech on Monday evening, announcing an extension of the confinement period until 11th May, and a gradual re-opening of schools from then on.

However, in order to avoid a second wave of covid-19, researchers warn that social distancing will have to continue for the coming months because as yet, most people have not developed immunity to the virus.

According to the study, the population infected by covid-19 as of 5 April was estimated between 1 and 6 percent.

This is similar to an estimation made by Imperial College in London which showed a level of infection of its population between 2,88 and 6,12 p