French and Riviera News Tuesday 7th June 2022


3-year-old drowns in private pool - A 3-year-old boy has drowned in a private pool in Carnoules in the Var. The little boy who escaped the supervision of his parents was found dead in the swimming pool on Sunday evening. Emergency services were unable to revive him. An investigation has been launched to determine the exact circumstances.

Woman injured in private pool in Nice - A woman in her thirties has been seriously injured after diving into a private swimming pool in Nice. The accident happened on Monday afternoon at around 5pm in a private property in the Vinaigrier district of Nice. The woman, a professional tennis player, reportedly suffered a blow to her head when hitting the bottom of the pool. She was taken to the Pasteur hospital in a critical condition.

30-year-old man stabbed in Cannes - A 30-year-old man has been stabbed during a fight in Cannes. The incident occurred on Monday evening shortly before 8pm on the Avenue Isola Bella. The victim was taken to hospital by the emergency services. Police have launched an investigation to determine the exact circumstances.

Assets of Russian oligarchs could represent nearly a billion euros - Recent local reports have claimed that the assets of Russian oligarchs frozen on the Côte d'Azur could bring in nearly a billion euros. Europe announced that it has blocked nearly 196 billion euros in financial transactions and frozen nearly 10 billion euros in assets belonging to oligarchs. Yachts moored in Italian, French or Spanish ports, bank accounts in Luxembourg or Switzerland and of course villas on the Côte d'Azur. The legal measure could concern 33 exceptional properties in the Alpes Maritimes and the Var and six helicopters are now grounded in Monaco, Nice, Cannes and Grimaud.

French President strongly criticised for calls to “not humiliate Russia” - Meanwhile French President Emmanuel Macron's call to 'not humiliate Russia' has caused a stir. During an interview the French head of state once again said "we must not humiliate Russia so that the day the fighting stops, we can build a way out through diplomatic channels". His comments were met with disbelief by Ukraine's Foreign minister who replied that “calls to avoid humiliating Russia can only humiliate France, before adding that “we would all be better off focusing on how to put Russia in its place". France currently holds the rotating presidency of the EU until July 1st and Macron is under pressure from Ukraine to visit the country. His last visit was at the start of the Russian offensive on Februa