French and Riviera News Tuesday 7th April 2020


Coronavirus - France has recorded its worst daily toll on Monday, of deaths due to the coronavirus.  Since the start of the epidemic, a total of 8,911 deaths have occurred in French hospitals. The latest figures released on Monday evening showed that 605 people had died in 24 hours. Since March 1st, 2,417 deaths have occurred in nursing homes in France bringing the total number of coronavirus victims in France to 8,911 people, an increase of 833 dead since the last count, made on Sunday.

7,072 patients are still in intensive care said the Minister of Health, 94 more since Sunday. A total of 29,722 people are currently hospitalized and 17,250 people have left hospital having recovered from the virus.

Meanwhile figures in the region show that since the beginning of the epidemic in the Var and the Alpes-Maritimes, 88 patients have died from Covid-19 in hospital, and 31 in a nursing home in Mougins. Nine people died of Covid-19 on Monday in hospitals, in the Var and the Alpes-Maritimes regions. In the Alpes-Maritimes, the death toll rose from 43 to 47 dead. 233 people are currently hospitalized. 80 other patients are in intensive care.

In Monaco four new cases of coronavirus were reported on Monday evening. The total number of cases to date is 77, of which 4 patients have been cured and two have died.12 patients are in hospital of which 4 are in intensive care.

Marseille - An army of researchers and doctors in Marseille have joined forces  to try to understand the immune responses to Covid-19. The study has one goal - to find as quickly as possible new treatments.

The disease caused by the coronavirus has been named Covid-19 by the World Health Organization. The research project is entitled "Explore Covid-19"  and will concentrate on the 15% of patients most affected. More than forty doctors and researchers who have been working since April 1st , on  blood samples taken from a hundred patients will study the immune response to infected patients.

This is the first study based on observation. Professor Eric Vivier explains that while  "85% of people with Covid-19 manage on their own the cases being studied are the remaining 15%, whose symptoms lead to emergencies, and who end up being hospitalized,"

Meanwhile Jean Castex, a senior official with knowledge of the healthcare sector, has been chosen to pilot France's strategy on easing Covid-19 lockdown measures. Castex must do so without triggering a second wave of infections.

When it comes to experience, Jean Castex ticks all the right boxes. French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe last Thursday described him as "incredibly efficient" during a televised address to the nation that broke with his usual reserve.

Several politicians have also come out in praise of the man now in charge of orchestrating the country's process of "deconfinement," or the end of the confinement period which Philippe himself admitted would be "fearsomely complex".

Dermatologists warn of possible skin complaints due to the coronavirus - In a press release the National Syndicate of Dermatologists in France has reported that in some cases of Covid-19 patients may suffer a sudden onset of sometimes painful redness and temporary skin irritations. The Syndicate warns of symptoms which can potentially appear on the skin in the event of a contraction of the disease "Potentially contagious". The dermatologists' union has therefore suggested that, if these skin symptoms occur, patients should consult a professional in the sector as soon as possible. 

Increased measures in Nice due to non respect of confinement measures - The mayor of Nice Chrisitan Estorsi has stepped up measures due to the coronavirus and due to too many people continuing to ignore confinement regulations in Nice. 

Wearing a mask will become obligatiory in Nice. The masks which will be re-usable for a month are set to be distributed in about ten days time. A further announcement will be made in two days time as to how they will be distributed. 

Hundeds of fines have been issued in Nice and some poeple have now been placed in police custody for failing to respect regulations in place to help stem the spread of the virus. 

The curfew which is currently in place from 11pm to 5am is expected to be moved forward to 8pm in some areas where people are refusing to cooperate including the city centre and east of the city, Notre-Dame, Trachel and Saint-Charles.

Finally the right to go out and exercise has seen too many people using it as an excuse to go out in pairs or meet with family memebrs so fixed times have been introduced from 6am