French and Riviera News Tuesday 28th December 2021


New measures in France and Monaco - France and Monaco have introduced new measures due to the health situation. In Monaco from January 10th, the health pass will be extended to a number of business sectors which welcome the public, such as hairdressers and sports establishments. In France from January 15th the vaccination pass will be required for access to bars, restaurants, museums, theatres and sporting establishments, just a negative covid test will no longer be acceptable.

New Year's Eve - For New Year's Eve celebrations in Monaco and France no curfew has been introduced. In Monaco gatherings of more than ten people on public streets are prohibited as is the consumption of alcohol in public and dancing and karaoke is banned in bars and restaurants. The sale of take away alcohol in the Principality will be prohibited after 8pm on December 31st and there will be no celebrations at Place de Casino or Port Hercules. All musical entertainment must end at 1am. In France fireworks and alcohol consumption will be prohibited on public roads on New Year's Eve.

New rules from Monday 3rd January - From Monday 3rd January there will be new rules in France in bars, cinemas, sports facilities and public transport. In cafes and bars there will only be service for seated customers with the consumption at the bar prohibited. The consumption of food and beverages will be banned in all cinemas, theatres, sports facilities and public transport including long-distance. France will limit outdoor gatherings to 5,000 and 2,000 indoors and people will have to be seated at concerts.

Booster jab - France has also announced that from today Tuesday 28th December the period to wait for a booster jab will be reduced from 4 to 3 months after having received the first two doses.

Harsher sanctions - As the health pass is replaced by the vaccination pass on January 15th in France the Prime Minister also announced harsher sanctions for those who fail to respect the measure calling it "a deliberate act of endangering others" adding that the new law once passed, will allow staff of establishments welcoming the public to carry out ID checks.

Masks - Without providing further details on the date of application of the measure, French Prime Minister Jean Castex announced that the wearing of masks could become