French and Riviera News Friday 2nd April 2021


New measures - From tomorrow Saturday 3rd April all French departments will be subject to the same rules and restrictions, almost identical to those that applied until now in 19 departments.

The 7pm curfew will be maintained in the whole of France; no outing is authorized except for one of the eight derogatory reasons mentioned on the certificates which are for:

  • Professional activity, education and training
  • Medical consultations and care
  • Compelling family reason, vulnerable or precarious individual or childcare
  • Situation of handicap
  • Judicial or administrative reasons
  • Mission of general interest
  • Transit and long-distance movements
  • Caring for your pet

Between 6am and 7pm, everyone is allowed to circulate freely in public provided they do not go more than 10 km from their place of residence as the crow flies. Unlike the previous lockdowns, these outdoor trips are authorized "without any time limit": an identity document or any other proof of address will be requested.

Trips of more than 10 km under certain conditions

If you wish to venture beyond a radius of 10 km during the day, you must be in possession of a completed exceptional travel certificate.

The reasons allowing you to travel within your department or in neighboring departments located less than 30km from your home are:

  • Shopping, purchases
  • Accompanying children to school (for those that have access to childcare, for example medical staff).
  • Cultural establishment or place of worship
  • Administrative or legal procedures

You can also travel without limitation of distance by ticking one of the following reasons:

  • Professional activity, education and training
  • Mission of general interest
  • Health (consultations and care)
  • Pressing family reason, vulnerable or precarious people or childcare
  • Situation of handicap
  • Judicial or administrative summons
  • Relocation and transit movement to stations and airports

Meetings in small groups outdoors

Gatherings in public spaces must be limited to six people, with a few exceptions (large families, funerals, declared events, public ceremonies, professional activities, supervised sporting activities, transport). New for this month of April: alcohol consumption on public roads, especially in parks and in front of bars, is no longer authorized.

Emmanuel Macron calls on the French, to "avoid private gatherings, parties with friends, family, relatives", especially at home. This is a recommendation and not a ban, as the Head of State does not have the legal means to impose a maximum number of guests in the homes. The government is relying on everyone to act responsibly.

Purchases in a reduced number of stores

Only businesses deemed to be "essential" can remain open, in particular food, garages or even computer and IT stores. The list, available on the government website, has been expanded compared to the previous lockdowns allowing hairdressers, booksellers, record stores and florists to continue to welcome customers. Other businesses wishing to maintain an activity must be satisfied with delivery or "click and collect".

Travel tolerated during the Easter weekend

This tolerance "ends Monday evening", April 5th, according to the Ministry of the Interior, which specifies that it "concerns only travel during the day, to go to spend the next few weeks in a place of your choice". The curfew rules will thus remain valid during Easter weekend.

Childcare and childminders – Concerning childcare and childminders the decision has not yet been resolved and the French government is expected to make an announcement today. The Prime Minister had initially indicated that childminders could no longer welcome children.

Priority childcare - For the region there are certain minimum reception facilities for childcare open to priority personnel in the following sectors: health, rescue and security and parents whose job cannot be done remotely. 

CAGNES SUR MER - Registration should be made with the early childhood service 04 93 22 39 65 from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm and from 1:30 pm to 5:00 pm.

NICE - City of Nice with the Academy of Nice will welcome children from priority families, go to the city of Nice website.

VENCE – For information contact

SAINT-LAURENT-DU-VAR - The City of Saint-Laurent-du-Var and the National Education are organizing a "center for the reception of children of nursing staff and liberal medical and paramedical staff, extended to all children of "priorit