Evening Update Wednesday 17 June 2020

The French National Assembly is debating a bill today bringing about the end of the state of health emergency on July 10. If the bill becomes law, a transitional period would follow until 30 October which would allow the government to continue to make certain restrictions, including on the movement of people and regulating the public entering establishments. In an amendment to the bill, the government is requesting that the state of emergency is extended until 30 October in two French overseas departments. Guyana and Mayotte are the only two departments which are currently not in a green zone.

The French parliamentary commission of inquiry into the coronavirus crisis is continuing to hear from those involved in the government's response to the crisis. The president of Public Health France, Geneviève Chêne, is appearing early this evening.

The French government has denounced what it called an "extremely agressive" maneuver by a Turkish Navy vessel. The frigate Le Courbet was on a NATO mission when the Turkish vessel illuminated it with it's fire control radar three times. The procedure is usually used immediately before a missile is fired. Tensions between the French and Turkish governments have risen in recent days, with the French Foreign Ministry condemning Turkey's support of the Government of National Unity in Libya.

Holiday tour operator TUI is planning to cut up to two thirds of its workforce in France, amounting to about 583 employees. The company said that it is entering into an "information-consultation process" with the Social and Economic Committee of its workforce. The CEO of TUI France said that the company had made "difficult decisions" which are necessary "to ensure a good future" for the business.

Two children have tested positive for the coronavirus in two seperate schools in Marseille. One of the schools, in the 14th arrondissement, has been closed and is being disinfected. The other school, in the 3rd arrondissement has been able to reopen. School staff and children in the same class as the infected children are observing a 14 day quarantine period.

A clearing up operation has been taking place today after thirty firefighters tackled a blaze in an apartment block in Nice last night. Smoke from the fire on the eighth floor of the building on the route de Turin could be seen over a wide area. The fire was brought under control quickly and no injuries were reported.

Police had to intervene to restore order outside a Lidl store in the Yvelines department this morning. A store promotion on a PS4 games console had gone viral resulting in five hundred people gathering in front of the shop. Tear gas was used after a bottle was thrown at police. Lidl said that the store has been closed and the promoti