Evening Update Tuesday 17 May 2022

Elisabeth Borne has been to the National Assembly on her first full day as French Prime Minister. She spoke at a meeting of LREM deputies this morning. She said that the party needed "the largest possible majority" in the legislative elections on 12 June in order to carry out President Macrons program of legislation, saying that "the task ahead of us is immense". President Macron is currently considering the appointment of ministers in the new government. The appointments have to be made before the first meeting of the government which is scheduled for Friday. Elisabeth Borne reportedly spent about three hours with President Macron this afternoon discussing possible appointments.

Nine people have been arrested in Corsica this morning on suspicion of being involved in a police station break in on the sidelines of a nationalist demonstration. The protests took place in March after the attack on Corsican separatist Yvan Colonna in Arles prison. The public prosecutor of Ajaccio said that of the nine, four are minors and five are adults.

Public housing operator Côte d'Azur Habitat has obtained a lease termination for a tenant found guilty of drug trafficking and incivility. The organization said that the tenant, in the Louis Braille quarter of Nice, had not used their premises in a peaceful manner and had not respected public tranquility.

The Municipal Police in Nice have arrested three perople in connection with an attack on a tourist in Nice just before lunchtime today in which a watch was stolen. Nice Deputy Mayor Anthony Borre said that thanks to technological tools and the city's pedestrian and maritime brigades, the police were able to arrest the three individuals in less than an hour. The victim was not injured, and the watch was returned to him.

Three new ambassadors to Monaco have been accredited today. They represent Guinea-Bissau, Spain, Indonesia and Ecuador.