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Coronavirus update – France, as announced by its Prime Minister Edouard Philippe at 8pm on Saturday adopted stage 3 of the measures against the spread of the coronavirus.

Here in Monaco the government followed suit with an official statement released on Saturday evening.

So what does it mean? essentially closure of places open to the public and limited travel.

From midnight on Saturday and until further notice in both France and Monaco restaurants, cafes, cinemas and nightclubs closed. Places of worship will remain open but "the gatherings and the ceremonies will have to be postponed". Shops are also affected by this closure, with the exception of those deemed "essential". Food stores and markets, pharmacies, petrol stations, banks and tobacco and press offices will remain open. Public services also remain open.

Gatherings should be kept to a minimum

The French Prime Minister noted that the government felt that there was not "enough awareness by French women and men of the importance of their role in the face of the virus".

Adding that “It is urgent, it is now that we must change our behavior. We must show more discipline in the application of measures" to fight the spread of the virus”. He called on the French to "avoid gathering as much as possible, limit friendly and family gatherings, use public transport only to go to work and only if physical presence at work is essential". In addition, all French people are asked to leave their home only to do "essential shopping" or "some exercise".

In addition, urban transport will continue to operate but Edouard Philippe calls on the French "to reduce their travel and in particular to avoid inter-urban travel". He specifies that public transport operators "will gradually adapt their transport plans in this direction".

In France the first round of municipal elections maintained

Edouard Philippe claims to have asked again the Scientific Council made up of ten experts, who "confirmed to him that the first round [of the municipal elections] could take place tomorrow", on the condition of "strictly respecting the instructions for distancing and prioritizing the elderly and fragile ". The Prime Minister therefore maintained the ballot. "I know that the French will demonstrate on this occasion their calm, their civility and their ability to respect the rules laid down for their security".

The move to level three came after within 24 hours thirteen deaths and been reported from the virus and 838 additional confirmed including 91 deaths.

Regional figures - At present, in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, the number of cases has reached  279 with 57 cases in the Alpes Maritimes, 63 in the Var and 3 cases have been reported in Monaco.  

First case of coronavirus in a French prison - This is the first case of Covid-19 has been reported in a French prison. The prison located in south east of Paris confirmed the report on Saturday.

The 74-year-old prisoner arrived at the complex in the Val de Marne department on 8th March and did not have any contact with other prisoners, according to prison authorities.

Justice minister Nicole Belloubet said that one of the nurses at the prison had also contracted the virus and was now in isolation at home.

Demonstrations in Paris - Some 400 demonstrators - according to a police source - left Montparnasse station, in the 14th arrondissement of the capital, to join Bercy via Denfert Rochereau as part of this demonstration which had been declared.

And in the region today it was reported that since French President Emmanuel Macron’s announcement, solidarity initiatives have multiplied in response to the coronavirus crisis. The Nice-Matin group decided to take part in it by launching the "CoronAIDES, solidarity coronavirus" platform in record time.

CoronAIDES - Childcare, homework help, shopping for the elderly, even just company ... many of you have already offered your services on "CoronAIDES, solidarity coronavirus", the platform of the Nice-Matin group. A simple initiative, but in great solidarity.

By Saturday evening, more than 30,000 people had already visited our platform, the first of its kind in France.

To find out more go to
CoronAIDES or download app.

Daycare service in France – France’s « daycare service » following closure schools - Following French President , Emmanuel Macron’s promise of a «daycare service» for working parents following the closure of nurseries and primary schools the Ministry of Health has this afternoon released a statement specifying the « guidelines » which will be set up by region.

Who will benefit from this childcare?

Not surprisingly, staff from hospitals, clinics and other public or private health establishments (SSR, HAD, health centers ...). But also the city's health and medico-social staff: doctors, nurses, caregivers, midwives, carers for the elderly or disabled, health transporters, biologists and pharmacists.

School information - As of Monday, schools in France will be closed. According to the rector Richard Laganier, the professors of the academy have prepared for this unprecedented measure.
In exceptional health crisis, exceptional means. This is, in essence, the message delivered by the rector of the Nice Academy, Richard Laganier after a marathon of meetings with the unions of school leaders, teachers, federations of parents of pupils, and at the prefecture, with the Alpes Maritimes prefect, Bernard Gonzalez.

The objective? Bring together students, teachers and parents around a "home school" system with lessons and homework.

« The courses will be done online, remotely. All the tools (the digital workspace, CNED course access codes, virtual class) were deployed last week from nursery to high school »

For more information and the online platform go to and search CNED.





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