Air France warns of competition scam on WhatsApp

Air France warns of competition scam on WhatsApp - Air France has warned of a scam circulating on WhatsApp inviting users to participate in a competition organised by the airline. Under the pretext of Black Friday, the message invites recipients to answer a few basic questions such as "Do you know Air France?" before choosing a gift box to try to win tickets. After choosing your gift box, no big surprise: everyone is a winner. A new page full of confetti appears telling the user that they have won his two plane tickets for a trip to Europe. This where the scam appears: to obtain the tickets, the player must share this exceptional promotion with 5 groups or 20 friends. The Internet user is also invited to enter his address, still on a fake site, in no way related to Air France. The airline reacted on Twitter, explaining that it was not at the origin of this fake competition and invites its customers to be vigilant.

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