Study on hydroxchloroquine

Study on hydroxchloroquine - According to two studies published today French scientists are warning about the side effects of the antimalaria drug used to treat Covid-19 and praised by Professor Raoult head of Marseille hospital.

Both studies showed that hydroxychloroquine, the treatment which has caused controversy in France,  does not seem to be effective against Covid-19,  in both severely or more mildly affected patients. 

The first, conducted by French researchers, concludes that the treatment does not reduce the risks of admission to intensive care or death in patients hospitalized with pneumonia due to Covid-19.

According to the second study, conducted by a Chinese team, hydoxychloroquine does not eliminate the virus more quickly than standard treatments in patients hospitalized with a "mild" or "moderate" form of Covid-19.

In addition, the side effects are more prominent. The  British medical journal BMJ, which published the two studies, in a press release. . concluded that "Taken together, these results do not support the use of hydroxychloroquine as a routine treatment for patients with Covid-19".


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