Police need protection urgently

Police need protection urgently - Police unions have warned that due to the lack of protection to prevent the spread of the coronavirus in the ranks of the police, officers « are in danger ».


Emmanuel Macron spoke of a "war" against an enemy for which "the police can still not wear masks when they want to," denounces a unionist, adding that "When colleagues control people without masks, it shocks the population who say 'but wait, the police will be a vector of the virus'. 


Believing that "the police are in danger", the union representative has issued an "ultimatum" to the administration: his colleagues will exercise their right of withdrawal if they are not allowed to wear a mask and if measures of social distancing are not taken quickly.


On Wednesday night, a union representing the CRS of the departments of Rhône, Isère and Ain carried out its threats, by exercising its right of withdrawal, to denounce a "lack of personal protective equipment" such as "FFP2 masks" or "latex protective gloves", tools necessary to protect yourself from the coronavirus.


100,000 police and gendarmes have been mobilized since Tuesday to enforce the travel restrictions announced by Emmanuel Macron in order to fight the coronavirus epidemic.


Wednesday evening, French Interior Minister Christophe Castaner announced that the police had drawn up to 4,095 minutes in one day for non-compliance with the rules of containment. And just as much risk of contamination.

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