News - Monday, November 14th


France and Britain set to agree on Channel migrant deal - France and Britain are set to agree on a Channel migrant deal this week where the French will put more police on the beaches, pledge to stop more small boats leaving and establish a joint control centre.

As part of the agreement, the UK will pay France at least £60 million in return for a significant increase in the 200 gendarmes and volunteer officers deployed on beaches in northern France. France has also agreed that it will aim for a “much higher” proportion of migrants to be prevented from leaving. This year, it has stopped 29,000 migrants – around 42 per cent of the total. The French have maintained that if they could stop between 70 per cent and 80 per cent, it would likely make the route uneconomic for people smugglers.

Migrant ship docked in Toulon - Meanwhile, a Mediterranean migrant ship at the centre of a row with Italy has now docked in Toulon. The Ocean Viking had been stuck at sea for 19 days intensifying a diplomatic crisis between Paris and Rome, after Italy refused to accept the ship. Its 234 passengers have been placed in a ‘waiting zone’.

The home secretary, Gérard Darmanin has condemned Italy’s “unacceptable attitude”, which he says goes against “international law”, but his Italian counterpart said his reaction was aggressive and incomprehensible as Italy has already welcomed 90,000 migrants this year alone.

End to France’s operation in the Sahel - President Emmanuel Macron has formally ended France's decade-long operation to fight Islamist insurgents in the Sahel. In a major speech at a naval base in Toulon, he said some French troops would remain in the region. However, they would be there under new arrangements to be worked out with host countries. At its high point, Operation Barkhane saw some 5,500 French soldiers deployed in Mali, Niger, Chad, Burkina Faso and Mauritania. The announcement also represents a major shift in French strategic priorities, brought on by the war in Ukraine and changing perceptions of the most important threats facing the country.

Body found after building collapse - A body has been found in the rubble of the two buildings that collapsed in Lille on Saturday morning. The victim is believed to be a doctor who had been lent an apartment in the building just for the weekend. However, many lives were saved after the buildings were evacuated before dawn after a man warned of cracks in the structure and reported the issue to emergency services. 

Man living in airport dies - An Iranian man who lived in a Paris air