Lunchtime update Friday 13th March 2020

Schools to close in Monaco - The government here in Monaco has just announced that kindergartens, schools, colleges, high schools and higher education establishments will be closed until further notice in the Principality of Monaco, from Monday, March 16th due to the coronavirus outbreak. Childcare services will be organized.

The government said that "this measure aims to protect our children and reduce the spread of the virus across our territory," adding that the decision was taken following several meetings with health and medical professionals.

The announcement comes following President Macron's announcement to close all schools in France next Monday.

"According to epidemiologists and doctors who are supporting the Prince's Government in managing this health crisis, children and young people are likely to spread the virus quickly, even if, for children, they sometimes have no symptoms and luckily today do not seem to be suffering from acute forms of the disease. "

The Monegasque authorities specify that they will set up "a daycare service for the children of personnel whose activity is essential in the fight against the epidemic or for the functioning of the State and organizations of vital importance (OIV ) ".

"Priority will be given to parents whose job is to care for and protect against the virus. For children whose care is not possible other than by the elderly, parents can also find a solution in schools. As a last resort, a case-by-case solution will be put in place for parents who cannot afford to have their children looked after. "

The government specifies that "The Directorate of National Education for Youth and Sports, along, with the education authorities will take the appropriate measures to ensure continuity of teaching and monitoring of students, especially through digital applications already implemented " which" invites all the educational establishments to set up this type of measure aiming to guarantee the continuity of teaching ".

The government "advocates the establishment of telework to allow the pursuit of economic activities while meeting the requirements of childcare."

A telephone number is already available for all questions relating to National Education here in the Principality : and an email:

Finally, the government "calls on everyone's responsibility and civic sense to adopt the most cautious behavior".

"Every effort must be made to stem the spread of the virus and to protect those most at risk. Each of us has a share in protecting others, starting with those close to us."

The government and its ministers will hold a complementary press point this Friday afternoon.

A patient with a long medical history and serious medical conditions diagnosed with the coronavirus has died in hospital in Nice - A patient with a long medical history and serious medical conditions diagnosed with the coronavirus has died in hospital in Nice. This is the first death related to the virus for the Alpes-Maritimes region.

The patient a 63-year-old woman died this morning in the specialized unit of the Nice University Hospital.

Pharmacies in Monaco authorised to produce their own hydroalcoholic gel - A decree issued by the Minister of State here in Monaco allows pharmacies to make a hydroalcoholic gel sought after by customers to be able to disinfect their hands due to the coronavirus outbreak.

As an emergency measure to deal with the shortage. The government made the decision earlier this week, by order of the Minister of State, to authorise pharmacists in the Principality to prepare and market their own hydroalcoholic gel.

Mayor of Nice on Coronavirus - The mayor of Nice has ordered a whole new set of measures to deal with the coronavirus epidemic.  Christian Estrosi announced the measures planned in order to "face the health crisis" and "its probable economic consequences on the region".

The measures announced include the following;

The city-managed nursing homes will be equipped with a room with several computers and dedicated internet connections. "This will allow seniors to interact with their families, it is so important that they continue to have ties with their loved ones," said the mayor.

He declared that the city is organized so that local administration is able to follow up on all the directives, management of the crisis, and is in constant touch with any changes.

In order to relieve hospitals and doctors in the city, a teleconsultation and telemedicine platform, with voluntary contracted doctors, will be opened.

The establishment of an emergency fund managed by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and bringing together the City and the Region, in order to financially help businesses affected.

Terrace and occupancy rights will be postponed in June for restaurant owners, coffee shops and taxis and the collection of tourist tax, paid by hotel owners, will be delayed

Finally, 435 million euros of investments are programmed in the regions budget and the region is freeing up an additional 12 million euros to benefit the emergency fund.

The candidate had already announced that he was concentrating on fighting the consequences of the disease by putting slowing down his electoral campaign. Saying "I stopped my campaign three weeks ago considering that this crisis and the monitoring of the virus to protect the people of Nice was the priority.”

French economy – France’s Minister of Economy has spoken to French media this morning emphasizing that the French State “will take care of the technical unemployment of all the French”.

He added that "France must not lose either employees or skills," and that the government “will do all that is necessary and even more to support the French economy and businesses” admitting that “It will undoubtedly be very costly for the state".  Le Marie quantified the measures at "tens of billions of euros."



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