Lunchtime News Wednesday July 14th 2021

Remembering the 86- Ceremonies are taking place today in memory of the 86 people who died in the Nice terrorist attack on the 14th of July 2016.

The Mayor of Nice Christian Estrosi has been leading the tributes along with other high ranking members of the city council and the families of the victims.

As well as those who died ,more than 200 people were injured and many sustained life changing physical and mental trauma.

Security is tight in Nice today as it is in other major towns and cities as authorities make the maximum effort to prevent anyone attempting another terrorist incident.


Murderous family dispute-A man who barricaded himself in the family home at Levens last night after shooting his son in law has been arrested by police.

The victim has died from the wounds he sustained after being shot at around 10pm last night.

The circumstances of the fatal shooting are still unclear but its understood that the presumed perpetrator gave himself up to authorities following a lengthy standoff.


TER- Passengers using regional TER train services will not be required to present a health pass before travelling from the first of August.

The health pass to prove double vaccination will be required for long distance train and bus journeys but the French Transport Minister says that won’t be the case for regional services.

The wearing of face masks will be compulsory on all public transport until at least the 30th of August.


Health Pass-The French Health Minister Olivier Veran has said that the health pass will be valid one week after a second coronavirus vaccination instead of the two weeks previously announced.

While its good news for many who want to travel inside France  ,the European Union pass will remain at two weeks for validation after a second jab and people are advised to bear this in mind before travelling to another European country.


Cannes 2021-There are 3 movies in the Palme d’Or competition today as the 74th Cannes Film Festival reaches its climax this weekend.

“Les Olympiades” or “Paris 13th District” by Jacques Audiard deals with the complex relationships between a group of young adults while “The Story of my Wife” from the Hungarian director Ildiko Enyedi is based on the 1942 novel of the same name by Milan Furst.

Lea Seydoux , Gils Naber and Louis Garrel star in the tale of an unhappy ship captain who suspects his wife of infidelity.

The third competition film today is “Red Rocket” from Sean Baker , a comedy drama about a washed up adult film star who returns to his small hometown in Texas, even though nobody there really wants him back.

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