Lunchtime News Wednesday 26th January 2022


16-year-old stabbed in Arles - A 16-year-old boy has been stabbed in Arles. The incident occurred on Tuesday January 25th, shortly after 6.30pm at a bus station in the city centre. The young man was reportedly attacked when he got off the bus by a group of six to seven youths. The victim was taken to hospital in a serious condition by emergency services.

Two women arrested after carrying out a burglary at the home of the mayor of Nice - Two women, one of whom was already known to police, have been arrested after carrying out a burglary at the home of the mayor of Nice Christian Estrosi. The incident occurred on Tuesday 18th January both are in police custody awaiting trial on February 21st. Jewellery and leather goods were stolen estimated at more than 100,000 euros. Police were able to track down the suspects thanks to CCTV footage, they were arrested at a hotel in Juan-les-Pins.

Strike action - Lignes d'Azur has announced strike action tomorrow Thursday January 27th with no buses or trams operating in Nice and parts of the Alpes Maritimes. For full details go to the Lignes d'Azur website.

Rubbish piling up in Marseille on 8th day of strike action - Bin collectors are continuing their strike action in Marseille. It's the 3rd conflict in four months between bin collectors and authorities. Now on its 8th day rubbish is piling up in the city as city officials claim the "action is unacceptable and a danger to health".

Speed cameras vandalised in the Var - Two speed cameras have been vandalised in the Gulf of Saint Tropez. The first is located a short distance from the village of La Môle, the second at avenue de Valensole, a few hundred meters from Cogolin. It's not the first time that speed cameras in the area have been vandalised, only last week two speed cameras installed on the RD 98 were also vandalised.

Corso du mimosa in Sainte Maxime cancelled - The Corso du mimosa in Sainte Maxime in the Var has been cancelled. The mayor announced the decision on Tuesday morning following the significant rise of covid contaminations in the region. The event was scheduled for Sunday February 6th it's the second consecutive year that it's been cancelled.

Charlotte Casiraghi appears on horseback during Chanel fashion show - Charlotte Casiraghi of the Monaco Royal family and granddaughter of Princess Grace, has appeared at the Chanel fashion show on horseback. Having participated in several horse riding championships Casiraghi took to the catwalk on horseback on Tuesday 25th January. The show was attended by American director Sofia Coppola, American singer Pharell Williams, French actress Vanessa Paradis, Australian actress Margot Robbie and Belgian singer Angèle. During the show a tribute was paid to French actor Gaspard Ulliel who died last week aged 37 following a skiing accident. Ulliel had been the face of Bleu de Chanel perfume for 12 years.

Public holiday in Monaco tomorrow - January 27th is a public holiday in Monaco, celebrating the St. Devote. Held each year on the 27thJanuary the holiday is in honour of St. Devote, the patron saint of Monaco who was killed during the persecutions of Diocletian and Maximian in the 4th century. 

Investigation into France's nursing homes - The French government has launched an investigation into the quality of care in France's nursing homes. The investigation comes following claims in a book entitled "Les Fossoyeurs" (The Gravediggers in English), against the group Orpea which runs retirement homes and private clinics in France. Published today Wednesday 26th January, the book, which comes from three years of investigation and includes 250 interviews, reports generalized "dysfunctions" within the group's nursing homes accusing them of having set up "a system that mistreats the elderly". The company, which presents itself as "a world leader" in the sector, has strongly denied the claims. However since the group has seen its shares collapse on the Paris Stock Exchange leading to the French government demanding an explanation.

Crack users in Paris - The city council of Paris has rejected a request from the prefect of the police in the capital, to move crack users to an SNCF site in the 12th arrondissement. The SNCF has given its agreement to make land available to the State to accommodate crack users who have been gathered since September in the 19th arrondissement however the town hall of Paris, has "firmly refused the move" requesting an emergency meeting with the prefect of police, the regional prefect and the regional health agency. The city is calling for "sustainable care in hospital structures" for crack users in Paris.

A new portrait of Marianne - A group of Parisian artists want to create a new portrait of Marianne more representative of French women thanks to an artificial intelligence algorithm. Calling on all women over 18 to send photos of themselves the work will see a new face given to Marianne thanks to artificial intelligence. For more information go to the deadline to submit your photo is April 10th. The new Marianne will then be unveiled on May 1st, before being offered to La Poste to be printed on stamps, then sent to the future head of state elected next April in the hope of being chosen as the symbol of the next five-year term.

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