Lunchtime News Wednesday 22nd April 2020

Water quality - Following news that there was evidence of Covid 19 in the non-potable water network of Paris (used for cleaning the streets and watering gardens and parks) as a precautionary measure tests have been carried out in the French Riviera certifying the quality of drinking water in the region. In Nice, as a precaution, further tests have been made on its non-potable water network.

Professor Raoult claims the virus could become a seasonal illness” - Director of Marseille hospital Professor Didier Raoult has said in a new video posted on twitter that “within a month it’s possible that there will be no more cases of coronavirus in most temperate countries."

In a new video posted on his Twitter account, the Marseille professor judges that the epidemic is "on a downward trend". Adding that "If things continue like this, it’s possible that it becomes a seasonal illness”.

Raoult whose use of a treatment for the virus has caused much controversy in France is also very critical of the management of the health crisis. Denouncing "the violence of the reactions" towards his work on chloroquine.

Ikea store in Nice - The construction site in Nice, for the new Ikea store has been halted since the beginning of confinement due to the coronavirus on the 17th March.

“Work has been suspended until further notice” said a spokesperson for the Swedish furniture giant. At present no date to resume work on the site has been announced meaning that the opening, previously planned, for the end of 2021 could be postponed.

Other sites were able to resume in the Alpes-Maritimes department last week, by adapting to the “Health and safety regulations”.

League of Human Rights files case against Nice city council - The administrative court in Nice, is to decide today, after a case was filed by the “League for Human Rights” accusing the city’s mayor of  “unlawful infringement of fundamental freedom" following restrictions for certain areas of Nice as part of confinement measure due to the coronavirus. The LHR has demanded a “cancellation”.  

On April 6th the mayor of Nice Christian Estrosi announced that "There would be tougher rules to avoid gatherings which had been identified in certain areas of the city” the following day, of a new decree was introduced advancing the curfew from 10pm to 8pm in several "districts" including Trachel, Jean Vigo, Notre-Dame, Saint-Charles, Bon Voyage, Maurice Maccario, Pasteur, Las Planas and Les Moulins.

Artist raises money for the Hospital Foundation - French Riviera artist Katy Sana