Lunchtime News.Tuesday July 6th 2021

Cannes-In just a few hours time ,the Cannes Film Festival opens after having been postponed from its usual slot in May because of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Spike Lee is the president of the Jury this year which also includes the French-Canadian songstress Mylene Falmer.

The opening movie to be screened tonight is “Annette” from the French director Leos Carrax and stars Adam Driver and Marion Cotillard.


Needless to say ,traffic in and around Cannes is expected to be heavier than normal over the next ten days and parking will be difficult.


Herculis-Tickets are still available for the Herculis Athletics Meeting at the Stade Louis Deux in Monaco this coming Friday evening.

The event features some of the world’s top athletes as they continue preparations for the Tokyo Olympics in just a few weeks time.

Ticket prices range from 200 euros for the best VIP seats to just 10 euros and can be purchased at


Double murder-Autopsies will be carried out tomorrow and on Thursday on the bodies of a couple who were discovered dead at their home at the Domaine des Sources in the Var last weekend.

The couple who were aged 63 and 65 were found dead on Saturday morning.

A number of hypotheses have been suggested for the murders including a domestic dispute or a burglary gone wrong.

Gerdarmes from the Var are leading the investigation.


Train delays-Passengers on the SNCF rail network have been experiencing delays of up to an hour today following an electrical fault on the line between Nice and Marseilles.

TGV services have been operating normally but there have been delays on regional TER trains between the two cities.

The SNCF says that things are now returning to normal.


New market-A new market selling locally produced fruit and vegetables as well as organic cheeses and honey is reported to be doing extremely well in the west of Nice.

The market ,on the avenue de la Californie was set up by a group of  producers who say that there is strong demand for local ,fresh and organic food.

As numbers of producers wishing to operate a stall increases  ,the market is now open on Monday ,Thursday and Friday from 7am until 1pm.


Eggstatic ! And-Just a little update on the hen at Tourrette Levens that laid a giant egg weighing 229 grams last week.

“Bikini” has now recovered from her exploits but when the owners cracked the giant egg they got a surprise.

Inside the large egg they found another smaller egg which contained several yolks.

A local vet explained that hens ovulate on a daily basis which is why they lay an egg a day. In layman’s terms ,something got blocked in Bikini’s cloaca resulting in the membrane that forms an egg to not solidify properly allowing another egg to develop within it.

This story was poached from the Nice Matin newspaper who beat us to it !

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