Lunchtime News Tuesday 8th March 2021


Road accident - A man in his fifties has been taken to hospital in Nice following an accident this morning at around 8am on the 202 in the Digne-Nice direction. The man who was riding a scooter at the time hit the back of a trailer. Emergency services said the victim suffered several fractures and was taken to the Pasteur hospital. Traffic in the area was disrupted while emergency services intervened.

Governor of the Banque of France talks of a “historic rebound” - The governor of the Banque de France, François Villeroy de Galhau speaking on French radio this morning has assured that "growth will be at least equal to 5% in 2021" a “historic rebound”. He goes on to say that according to forecasts growth will be at least equal to 5% in 2021, making it one of the strongest in Europe, significantly higher than the European average" and making it "the strongest rebound in the French economy for nearly 50 years, since 1973. He assures the French that "the recession is behind us". The governor is planning "a second stage which will last a year", a kind of "false flat" where "there will be fewer incidents and France will continue to gently climb. But it is still a demanding step to go from -5% to 0% ", adding that recovery will still be largely dependent on "consumer confidence".

IATA tests “Travel Pass” - In order to create secure air travel the International Air Transport Association (IATA) is testing its "Travel Pass" considered as an "essential certification tool" in the face of the health crisis. The "digital passport" will be used to transmit the health status of passengers who so wish, to airlines and countries in order to allow the reopening of borders. The tool is currently being tested, between Singapore and London with a first flight next week where voluntary passengers will use the application. Speaking to French media, Alexandre de Juniac, Director General of the International Air Transport Association said that the deployment of the device “should start at the end of March, beginning of April" adding that the IATA will try to deploy it to most of the major companies in the world that have signed up however, they are not claiming a monopoly as there are other applications available.     

Are peaks in fine particle pollution causing outbreaks of Covid-19? - While further research is required several studies published in recent months have concluded to a correlation between peaks in fine particle pollution and outbreaks of Covid-19. Speaking to Le Monde newspaper Swiss public health professor Antoine Flahault says that "the role of high concentrations of fine particles in the air could be one of the major determining factors in both the transmission and the severity of Covid-19”.  A study published in November in the journal Earth Systems and Environment looked at the correlation between peaks in fine particle pollution and outbreaks of Covid-19. The researchers observed the contamination curves and those of pollution in Tenerife (Spain), London (United Kingdom), in the Swiss canton of Ticino and in the Ile-de-France in the spring of 2020. While more research is needed to confirm the correlation, researchers recommend reducing pollution from all sources, especially car traffic and heating.

14 year old drowns in River Seine - A 14-year-old teenager has drowned in the River Seine in Argenteuil. Two other teenagers have been arrested in connection with the incident which occurred on Monday evening, suspected of having pushed the teenager into the water. Police found the lifeless body of the teenager at around 8pm. The investigation continues.    

National Rally presents a “counter-referendum on climate” - The president of the National Rally Marine Le Penn has presented a project for a "counter-referendum on climate". Le Penn would like to submit 15 questions to the French. While the “climate and resilience” bill has been examined in the National Assembly since Monday 8th March, the president of the National Rally today Tuesday, March 9th presented, a “counter-draft referendum” on the environment. In a press release the National Rally says that its objective is to "open a debate and present another vision for ecology”. Among the proposals of the president of the RN is the possibility of stopping all construction of wind turbines, a fight in the name of "the right to protect landscape" and "to a healthy and sustainable environment". In its project, the RN is careful not to offend the agricultural world: no questions about pesticides, but proposes to "strongly restrict any new construction on agricultural land" or to pay farmers for the maintenance of " natural carbon storage areas (hedges, wetlands, etc.) ".

And Finally

Is a weekend lie in bad for you? - A new U.S. study has found that when you sleep is just as important as how much sleep you get. People who don’t stick to regular sleeping and waking times are