Lunchtime News Tuesday 8th February 2022


New registration of firearms in France - A new law comes into force in France today Tuesday February 8th, which will see all French people in possession of firearms have to register on a new online registration platform. The goal is to simplify the procedure but also to better trace firearms. In France, there are 5.4 million declared and therefore legal, firearms. They belong to the four million hunters, but also to sports shooters, biathletes, clay pigeon shooters and gun collectors. Initially intended for hunters, the device will be extended to sports shooters and collectors before the summer. For French hunters, who can register from today, some fear the change saying that many, who are retired, do not necessarily have access to, or are not familiar with the Internet and using such a platform.

Villeneuve Loubet installs automatic terminals - In order to secure the pedestrian zone of the village and prevent non-residents from venturing there by car or on motorbikes, the town of Villeneuve-Loubet has installed retractable automatic bollards which will be in service from today, Tuesday 8th February. The automatic terminals are installed at the level of the rue de l'Hôtel de ville.

New renovated site for the Secours Catholique in Nice - The Secours Catholique charity association has reopened its day care center in Nice. The renovated premises at 23 rue Paganini will bring together the reception activities of the Secours Catholique, which were previously spread over two different sites. It can accommodate up to 200 people and offers social support, emergency aid as well as French lessons and artistic activities for people living on the street. With a one-million-euro investment the Secours Catholique received help from the city of Nice to achieve its goal of meeting the ever-increasing demand for help.

France record worst trade deficit in its history - Customs in France have reported this Tuesday morning, that in 2021, France recorded the worst trade deficit in its history amounting to 84.7 billion euros (the previous largest trade deficit dates back to 2011 with 75 billion euros). In a press release they said that the balance of trade is weighed down mainly "by energy, and to a lesser extent, by manufactured products". The worsening of the deficit is explained "by a more marked rebound in imports (+18.8% after -13% in 2020) than in exports (+17% after -15.8%)". Speaking to French media Foreign Trade Minister Franck Riester said that "it is important to look at the picture of our commercial activity" pointing in particular to a "record surplus in services, at 36.2 billion euros". "With regard to the balance of goods, the deterioration is mainly due to the increase in the energy bill of 17.9 billion euros".

A launderette of trainers opens in the Var - A launderette of a different kind has opened in the Var. The "launderette of trainers" in Six-Fours, restores and repairs old pairs of trainers. A first, which could give rise to other openings in the region. The company created by 21-year-old Marine Ferin and 24-year-old Quentin Lestienne opened a few days ago and there are several formulas from and express cleaning in 10 minutes at 14.90 euros to a complete one at 34.90 euros. Natural soaps based on vegetable oil (without chemicals) from the United States are used and the couple also renovates worn soles and restore handbags. Quentin and Marine restore around a hundred trainers each month and have made a name for themselves through social media platforms. The two, who registered the logo and the name of their brand two years ago, hope to offer their services as a franchise in the South and then eventually throughout France.


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