Lunchtime News Tuesday 3rd May 2022


Road safety - Police in the Var have stepped up road checks following the deadly weekend on the region’s roads. Faced with the rise in accidents, 22 people have lost their lives in the department since the beginning of the year, the authorities are therefore striving to limit accidents by strengthening controls. On Monday May 2nd from 4.30pm to 6.30pm the police checked more than 60 vehicles, fined 9 drivers and place two people in police custody for not having a driving license.

French President Emmanuel Macron is to talk with Russian President Vladimir Putin at noon today - French President Emmanuel Macron is to talk with Russian President Vladimir Putin at noon today. The French head of state had not spoken with his Russian counterpart since March 29th, before the discovery of the acts committed in Boutcha, in the suburbs of kyiv. The call has been initiated by the French president, following the exchange he had with Volodymyr Zelensky this weekend.

Weather warning - The Alpes-Maritimes has been placed on a yellow weather warning with thunderstorms expected this afternoon. The warning is in place from 3pm this afternoon and should be lifted early evening. The storms are expected to mainly affect the hinterland, with the coastline remaining dry.

Four young men dressed as Spider Man climb cathedral - Four young people dressed as Spider Man have climbed the Strasbourg cathedral with their bare hands. When stopped by police they explained that they wanted to take photos. The incident occurred during the night of Monday to Tuesday May 3rd. Police were alerted by a resident at around midnight who reported four men at the top of the building. The climbers aged 21 to 27 are unknown to the police.




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