Lunchtime News Thursday July 29th 2021

Black Saturday-The French road monitor Bison Fute has advised motorists to avoid the roads this Saturday as the crossover period between July and August holidaymakers is expected to result in saturation in many areas of the country.

Roads to and from Mediterranean resorts as well as the west coast are forecast to be extremely congested and Bison Fute is advising motorists to put off  long distance journeys until Sunday or even Monday if possible.

Roads are expected to be extra busy from this Friday afternoon with the A8 and A7 particularly bad.


Detention centre riot-Authorities at a migrant detention centre near Paris Roissy Airport say that the situation is “tense” following a riot during which three people escaped early this morning.

Reports say that the situation at the Mesnil-Amelot detention centre has been brewing for several days with several escape attempts and injuries.

Some people being held in the centre have been refusing to undergo PCR coronavirus tests in a bid to avoid being expelled from France.

Human rights groups and some politicians who have visited the centre have described conditions as “squalid” and have called on it to be closed.


Airport security-The prefect of the Alpes Maritimes has said that maximum efforts are being made to ensure the health and safety of all passengers and staff at Nice Cote d’Azur Airport.

Bernard Gonzalez says that airport authorities are doing everything possible to ensure that nobody who tests positive for coronavirus is allowed to enter the country without quarantining and that systematic checks are being carried out.

Between 20 and 40 passengers are being instructed to self-isolate daily and police and gendarmes are carrying out checks at addresses provided to make sure that the regulations are being followed.

349 people have so far been fined in the region for breaking the regulations.


Absurd ! -British people living in France have reacted angrily after the UK government maintained the country on its Amber+ list while allowing anyone from another EU country to visit Britain without having to quarantine.

Many people are desperate to see family in the UK and say its completely unfair that France is still on the quarantine list despite the fact that most who want to visit  can prove double vaccination with one of the major approved vaccines.

The UK government says that it will review the guidelines for France in a week and there are hopes that the quarantine requirement will be abandoned.

British authorities initially said that quarantine for passengers from France was necessary because over concerns about the Beta variant of coronavirus but the French government says that it only accounts for around 3 percent of cases on the mainland.

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