Lunchtime News Thursday 7th October 2021


End to free covid tests in France – From October 15th anti covid tests will no longer be free of charge in France. PCRs will cost 44 euros and antigens 22 euros if they are carried out in a laboratory, 25 euros if they are from a pharmacy (30 euros on a Sunday).   PCR and antigen tests will continue to be reimbursed for medical reasons. All unvaccinated adults, but with symptoms, will also be able to access a free test upon presentation of a prescription. The tests will remain free for those vaccinated.

Lifting of wearing a mask in schools for an additional 21 departments in France from 11th October - Meanwhile an additional 21 departments have been added to the 47 departments of France which from October 4th were no longer required to wear a mask in school. The measure will be lifted for the 21 additional departments from Monday 11th. South eastern France is still an exception and in the Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur region wearing a mask to school remains compulsory.

Associations no longer able to manage care for abandoned animals - An animal protection association in the Alpes Maritimes has warned that it is “increasingly difficult to find people willing to adopt abandoned animals”. According to figures from the SPA, the Society for the Protection of Animals, nearly 11,335 animals have been taken in by the association since May 2021. A national situation which particularly affects the Alpes-Maritimes department and its associations, which are no longer able to manage the care of abandoned animals.

Francis Bacon and Monaco - The Francis Bacon MB Art Foundation has donated this week, a work of art to the Médiathèque in Monaco. In the presence of the mayor Georges Marsan the hanging of a work by Francis Bacon took place in the premises of the Louis Notari Library. The donor, Majid Boustany, also present, donated it to the Médiathèque through his foundation, the Francis Bacon MB Art Foundation. The painting, entitled Study from the Human Body (Man Turning On Light), 1973, is now displayed in the library.

The foundation, created by Majid Boustany, aims to promote a better understanding of the work, life and working methods of Francis Bacon, in particular to the period during which he lived and worked in Monaco and France. More information on the foundation's website:

Garden Club of Monaco - The Garden Club of Monaco is pleased to announce the opening of the 52nd International Bouquets Competition on Saturday October 16th at 4.30 p.m at the Terrasses du Casino. The proposed theme for this 52nd edition is "Culinary art in the world". All application for an accreditation must be made before Wednesday 13th October. Please note that the number of accreditations will be limited. Requests should be sent to: Lydie Calvas-Blanchon - Communication Department -


Presidential election - The political agenda ahead of France’s presidential election has been shaken following the publication on Wednesday 6th October of a Harris Interactive poll for Challenges which places, for the first time, Eric Zemmour in the 2nd round of the presidential election.

Reacting to the news Zemmour told French media "these polls rather encourage me to be a candidate" adding that he was “delighted with his progress in the various polls on the presidential election, even though he is not yet a declared candidate”.

Le Pen proposes lower VAT - Meanwhile speaking on Wednesday Marine Le Pen proposed to lower VAT to 5.5% for gasoline, gas and electricity. The candidate for the National Rally at the Elysee Palace, proposed to lower the VAT on gasoline, gas and electricity to 5.5% instead of 20%, to provide French households with a " purchasing power shock”.



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