Lunchtime News Thursday 25th November 2021


Elderly woman found dead - An elderly woman has been found dead at the foot of a building in Roquebrune-Cap Martin. Emergency services intervened this morning shortly after 9am. It's not known which floor the 80-year-old fell from or whether it was an accident or suicide. An investigation is currently underway.

Cameras in classroom several teachers file a complaint - Several complaints have been filed after cameras were installed in classrooms without teachers knowing. In an unprecedented situation CCTV camera were installed in the establishment in Nice. Teachers have complained about the measure, denouncing an "intrusion into their classrooms" and asking for an explanation.

Parents and teachers raise the alarm after class closures due to covid - Parents and teachers in the Var, have raised the alarm after a hundred classes are closed due to covid. According to them, protective measures are insufficient in schools and colleges while class closures are increasing rapidly in the Var. According to teachers and parents, the saliva tests of students are not sufficiently carried out in the Var, a department that is experimenting with the method. 

Absentee students summoned to town hall with parents - Absentee students and their parents in La Seyne, in the Var, have been summoned by the town hall. In the presence of the deputy mayor the absentee children agreed to in writing, commit to a regular school attendance, while the parents were informed of their legal responsibility.





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